How to Make Money from Website – 7 Popular Ways

Do you want to learn how to make money from website? There are endless ways to make money quick but you will still need something substantial on your website that would grab attention and drive huge website traffic.

Once you have a substantial amount of traffic on your site, fast way to make money opportunities pops up automatically. Although you will not be making a huge startup like Google or Facebook or Pinterest, rest assured you will learn to keep a few important things in mind when creating a new site.

First, you should ensure that there is a huge market for your website. This is when keyword research comes in. Secondly, you will have to focus on creating something of value to your website visitors. Lastly, you will find a profitable niche where many people have spent a huge amount of money in it.

Today, let us focus on different ways on how to make money from website.

1) Build your website and make money

Build a Website and Earn Money
Build a Website and Earn Money

Just imagine the Internet as being a “world” and your website being a small piece of land on it. In this way, your website will be a valuable piece of real estate, and if you are not in the dark, you already know how valuable they are in the physical world. Therefore, by creating your website, you are also creating a valuable plot of land.

Then, you can place anything you want on this piece of land – small websites, sub-domains, list your or affiliate’s products and services, online courses, banner ads, etc – and make money online by promoting it on online forums, social media, article directories, and other places you think is good for building traffic.

Once you start bringing more traffic to your site, you can then start to sell your products and services (or other’s offers as an affiliate if you do not have yours).

In order to build you website, you will need two things: a web host (i.e. 1and1) and a website template (i.e. WordPress), and awesome content.

The first two things are easy to find and set up, but the content is a little bit difficult to make. (Click here to learn how to Create GREAT Articles Within 30 Minutes)

You can post blogs, articles, news, product reviews, infographics, images, videos, and anything else you can think of as content on your website. When you open up your website to the whole world, you give yourself a wonderful opportunity to make quick easy money from the Internet.

  • How to Make a Blog

2) Affiliate Marketing

affiliate-websitesAffiliate marketing is another popular alternative to making money from website. In this system, you earn money online (commission) as an affiliate by promoting “merchant’s” product, services, or offers. This type of advertising is also called CPL (cost per lead) or CPA (cost per action).

As an affiliate, you can send traffic (potential customers) to the merchant’s website using any of the promotion tools – text links, product reviews, and/or banners.

In order to find a ‘profitable’ affiliate programs, you can join these marketplace and affiliate networks:

  1. Amazon Associates
  2. Commission Junction
  3. ClickBank
  4. Azoogle Ads
  5. Link Share
  6. ClixGalore
  7. AvantLink
  8. JVZoo
  9. WarriorPlus

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3) Pay per Click Contextual Ad Networks

ppc-contextual-adsEveryone uses Google Adsense under this category, but there is a handful of others if you want them. First, you will have to sign up with any of these networks and grab the code and paste it on your website. Then the ad network will display contextual ads (either text or image) relevant to the content on your site. You will get paid for every click (pay per click) a website visitors makes on your website.

The profits you can make through PPC ad networks depends on the level of traffic, the click-through rate (CTR), and also cost per click (CPC).

The website traffic depends on the promotion of your website. (Click here to learn and apply 30 creative ways to bring more traffic to your website.)

The CTR depends on the website design. For example, if you noticed, my website has ads placed above the fold (rectangular and square banners) and blended with the content (text-links), which is proven to give me higher CTRs.

The CPC factor depends on your website niche. For example, financial products, mortgages, and college education are examples of highly profitable niches (usually, you make $2 per click), while anything tech-related tends to give you smaller CPC. (Surprisingly, traffic from social media sites also generates very low CPC as they are usually tech-savvy and tend to ignore ads completely.)

Here are list of well-known CPC advertising networks:

  1. Google Adsense
  2. net
  3. Infolinks
  4. Kontera
  5. GumGum
  6. Chitika
  7. Clicksor
  8. BidVertiser

4) Blogging

bloggingI make the most of my money from writing blogs. In addition to making money from these advertising networks, I also get paid for writing blogs for various clients throughout the world.

Sometimes, I am paid to write as a reviewer, commentator, whistleblower, and a fitness instructor. I also noticed that as I write more for others, it also builds a lot of traffic for my website too (from the author bio box). This way I build traffic to my personal blog and they come and click through ads served on my web pages.

If you thought you require a domain to create your website, you would be wrong. Yes, you heard that right, you can start your own website using any of these free blogging platform – WordPress, Tumblr (useful for sharing images and videos), and Blogger. They have their own pros and cons, but when you are getting everything you need to make money online, why should you complain right?

For best results, you want to keep the length of your blog between 300 to 500 words (try targeting 1,000 words as you become more comfortable) until you have over 50 articles under your belt.

Make sure to interlink your blog posts to encourage people to stay longer on your blog posts once they land on it, which decreases bounce rate (good for search engine rankings).

Once your blog is up and running, promote it on social media, social bookmarking, article directories, forum, and document sharing sites to bring more traffic to your site.

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5) Create & Sell Your Own Products

sell-productsThis is perhaps the best ways to make money from website because it gives you maximum profits you can imagine. Obviously, the product is going to be yours, and there is no limitation as to what you can create. Here are just a few options I would like to share. (If you know others, please share it in the comment section below.)

  1. Create an eBook
  2. Create a series of video on particular topics (teach people how to do stuff)
  3. Create a membership area / paid forum
  4. Sell a physical product and ship it
  5. Create a software tool that would be useful to others (mobile apps, website builder, topic finder, Copyscape checker, PR checker tool, etc)
  6. Create other types of product, services, and information that your website visitors will pay for it.

6) Sell Your Site

sell-websiteEven you have not seen any traffic on your site or made any money out of it, you can pretty much make decent bucks by selling your site to others. On the other hand, if you build traffic and have an audience, there is no limitation as how much you can make from your site. If the traffic is high (1,000 to 2,000 visitors a day), you could sell it for a lot.

Of course, there are many people who like buying new sites all the time regardless of it having traffic or not just based on the design and niche.

7) Selling Website/WordPress Themes & Templates

responsive-wordpress-themesAs many small businesses have started to offer their products and services online, the demand for eye-catching and professional looking website templates have become higher and higher.

You can visit TemplateMonster, an online web template gallery, and become a member to start promoting website templates to your existing and potential clients. On the other hand, there is also individual freelance web designers who are looking for people like you to promote their work independently.

Either way, you will be making money as an affiliate. Usually, the payout is also high (up to 50%).

If you are looking for WordPress based templates, you can visit some sites that pay you for every web design you sell to your people.

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Conclusion – How to Make Money from Website : 7 Popular Ways

There are over 1000 ways to learn how to make money from website, but these are my favorites and the ones that I have personally used. They are easy to get started and cost you little or nothing. Of course, you need to put in some hard work, time, and devotion in the first couple of months until you start to make money online genuinely.

So, do you have a website but not much traffic? Click here to learn 30 creative ways to drive more traffic to your site.

Over to you …

Do you now know how to make money from website? Have you had any success with any of these methods of making money online in the past? Please feel free to share your opinions in the comment section below.

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