How to Properly Use Forums

Forums are probably going to be your number one way of getting more customers in short period of time. Now, I would definitely recommend quality over quantity. Saying, “Yes man,” “Cool man,” “Great man,” is not a great way for you to do develop a post.

You have to provide something more …

You have to provide something to enhance your readers reading and their ability to go to the next level and help them go where they want to be.

There are 2 important aspects of forums that you must always be aware of.

The first one is creating a high quality forum post and the next one is the forum signature.

Let us go over each aspect.

What is the easiest ways to create a high quality forum post?

The easiest way to create a great forum post that gets a lot of views is to write something really good … on your blog. Then when you are finished, paste it to the forum. Simple!

Now, that is probably the best way to show a quality post, also known as an “epic” post – a post on a forum that would draw tons of traffic to it.

The next aspects of a forum are the “signature.” If the forum does not permit a signature, it is very simple … run, do not walk. Do not be near a forum that does not permit a signature.

How you can use forum signatures to build a buyer’s list?

You can include several links in your forum signature to bring tons of high quality (converting) traffic to your site/blog or a squeeze page. Let’s go over each things that you can include your forum signature.

1. Sales Page if Valued < $129

If forum permits, the first thing that needs to be in a signature is a “sales page” if you have an offer (if the offer has $129 dollar value) because it is considered more of an impulse purchase.

So, if you have something which is relatively cheap, I recommend the first thing they see is a sales page if your forum does permit things like “sales pages.”

In the Internet Marketing realm, you can sell things directly from your forum signatures.

Other niches do not permit it as frequently, but that’s not the biggest deal in the world as there are other ways to do it.

2. Create FREE Affiliates

The other thing you can do with other people is to create free affiliates to your offer. You can go out and find other people in the forum and offer them a 100% commission. This way you can help build a buyer’s list.

My suggestion is to create an affiliate link for them and give it (the link to the product) to them.

If you do not have a product … the next thing you could do is you offer an …

3. Promote Affiliate Offers You are Proud of

The reason why you are proud of a particular affiliate offer is because, if you have been playing for a while around a particular forum for a long time, you need to make sure that you are offering something that provides value so that when people see you post … they will continue to buy from you.

Now, just because you are an affiliate does not mean that you cannot create a buyer’s list. There is a program called you can go to. This site will allow you to create a buyer’s list from affiliate sales.

4. Facebook Page

The next thing you can do is to insert a link to your Facebook page.

Some forums do not permit sales page at all. In this case, link it to your Facebook page as it is a very good way to build a good group of people that are very familiar with you and they feel very comfortable with you.

Now that’s just for people that are more hobby- or passion-based. People that are more interested in Facebook. This is not applied for all circumstances. In addition, no forums will have a problem with you linking to your Facebook page.

5. “Free Report” Method

The last but not the least is the “Free Report” method.

Your link is going to go to a “squeeze page” that is going to offer a free report.

Now, in some cases, just like in sales page above, it is going to be hard on some niches.

It is not going to be a walk in a park, but it’s definitely worth trying if you want to do it.

I highly recommend that you offer a FREE report and try it.

If you are afraid about trying your FREE report and getting banned, most forums would inform you they do not like a free report link in your signature. And that’s fine!

One more thing I would like to point out about forum signature. Before you put a signature … you should have a minimum of 30 posts.

How to Create 30 Forum Posts Fast?

Yes, if you wanted to put up your signature first, put up at least 30 posts first before you put up your signature. If you only have 3 or 5 post and you put up a signature (some forums don’t allow this), but the ones that do, they probably will not like a “spammy-type” post with a sales page, or a Facebook page, or a FREE report method unless you put up at least 20 posts.

Now, your first 20 to 30 posts do not have to be “great.”

I have mentioned it before in “quality over quantity.”

When you do your first 20 posts, they do not really have to be that much quality. Just say, “Wow, I really like your post … that’s just fantastic.” Just quick little snippets of little things you can throw here and there to build up 20 posts relatively quickly.

Once you have your 20 posts, I do recommend that you do think of a way to create some quality information that you can turn it into an “epic post” which will drive a lot of traffic to it.

Now, if you can start a thread that has lots of great information in it, guess what? People will run to that post and have a lot of views. So that’s how you create an “epic” post.

Again, I recommend that you use this with a blog post. Have people run to the content and it will be done from a lot of quality.

Not Sure What to Write on Forums?

Okay, let’s say you are not sure what to write on a forum and that is pretty typical. It is no big deal. Here is an awesome thing on most forums and I will show you how to do this in a moment.

You can go to the forum, click on “views”, and see what post gets the most amounts of views. From the post that get the most amount of views, that’s going to tell you what to write. That will bring the most amount of tension to your thread.

Now just you are one thread bob and it does not work like the way you had thought it would, it does not mean the next thread will not.

My suggestion is to make 2 or 3 threads in that forum and create some epic post that will give you a lot of traffic in the least amount of time.

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