IMSlave Link Blaster: Get Your Sites Index in Hours

IMSlave Link Blaster: Get Your Sites Index in Hours
IMSlave Link Blaster: Get Your Sites Index in Hours

Do you want to get your website indexed in hours, not days/week? Do you want 1000s of backlinks on autopilot? Do you wish to links your sites in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing?

Get IMSlave Link Blaster Software – desktop software that will index any type of links within minutes rather than in hours if you had to do it manually.

Benefits of Indexing Your Site?

Just like books are registered in libraries, your web pages and blogs are registered (or stored) in virtual libraries.

The term used for storing your web pages and blog post on the Internet is known as ‘indexing.’

So why indexing is important for your website, you ask?

Indexing – or storing – your pages or blogs on the Internet allows it to be found more easily online.

Just imagine: you wrote a book, published it, but only kept it in your house. Do you think you are going to be a best-seller if you only store it in your home and not “index” it anywhere else, or sold anywhere else?

Here are lists of popular websites that are ‘good’ indexing sites for your website or blog:

  1. Alexa
  2. KellySearch
  3. Jasmine Directory
  4. Yahoo
  5. Bing
  6. World Index Site
  7. Directory Critic, etc

There are paid as well as free indexing websites.

Now, go ahead and use your judgment to ‘properly’ index your site.

Indexing – or storing – your pages or blogs on the Internet allows it to be found more easily online.

Paid index sites lets you index your website properly and help you out with the off-page SEO – creating backlinks for your website, spinning content and keyword that you provide them.

Free index sites, on the other hand, lets you do all this manually.

Indexing your site on various directories allows search engines to find your website easily.

Just like in a library, the librarian knows a lot about his/her library. The library also has main categories, sub-categories, and alphabetized according to author names.

Likewise, search engine robot also knows a lot about article directories. It also categorizes them into main, sub-categories, and then relevancy.

So, when indexing your web pages and posts, the relevancy of your site is going to be important.

Ask yourself:

  1. How relevant is my content to the category that is listed under?
  2. How relevant is my content to the keywords that you have chosen to use for my site?
  3. Is my content good?

Why is relevancy so important, you ask?

The more your content is relevant to your categories and keywords for your website, the more traffic you will drive to your site. Eventually, you will start to get HIGH search engine rankings. Then it becomes very easy to create a strong’ brand.

Search engines keep track of your website statistics: how long a visitor on your website stays, how many links they clicked, and how fast they leave.

Indexing your site is one of the crucial steps for your online success.

Make sure you index your site on relevant sites/directories. Make sure you provide relevant and good content to your audience.

Indexing your site is one of the crucial steps for your online success!

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How many indexing programs/software have you used in the past? But your site’s rankings is where it was few months ago.

Before IMSlave Link Blaster was available, I had to spend hours pinging my website URLs. This did help in indexing my sites, but not usually at fast speed.

I was looking for something else with a more power.

I also came across Meta sites. However, the software I found to submit did NOT have enough to promote all my links. The links were submitted but they also got lost easily before they could be crawled.

I was looking for a combination of the both software’s features – ability to ping my links and then meta submit those links as well as ping the meta submit.

This is where the IMSlave Link Blaster comes in.

Simply right click your mouse and select “Save Target As” and you will be blasting your links within seconds.

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Most Marketers Cannot Get their Links Indexed!

What do I mean?

Well, if you cannot get your links indexed, it’s like writing a book and publishing it but keeping it under your bed so that nobody knows about you excellent work.

It is the same with links…

At minimum, after posting pages and blogs on your site, you need to get them ‘indexed’ so that your site can be ranked through those links. This will eventually INCREASE the search engine ranking position of your individual pages/posts as well as your overall website.

But, like so many people, including myself, you do not have the time to manually link hundreds of URLs

It would be WONDERFUL to ‘automate’ this process and save hours upon house of time.

Using IMSlave Link Blaster, you can index your web pages and posts with a single click of a button.

Using IMSlave Link Blaster, you can index your web pages and posts with a single click of a button.

What does IMSlave Link Blaster do, Anyway?

IMSlave Link Blaster tool pings every single one of your URLs to over 100+ RPC ping sites.

Many people pay $’s each month to do this for them automatically.

But, simply indexing your links to RPC ping sites is NOT enough! You also need a bit more juice to boost this indexing…

This extra juice involves the use of Meta stat sites to blast the link promotion process…

In a single ‘click’ of a button, you can automatically submit each of your URLs to over 31,000 Meta stat site using IMSlave Link Blaster.

But is that all the IMSlave Link Blaster do?

Actually, that is not all…

One extra step is required to make the search engines know about these Meta stat sites submissions – i.e. sending a RPC ping to the specific Meta stat URLs

That means we must ping each Meta stat site URL at least 5-15 times through several ping sites for them to properly index.

On the other hand, if you simply Meta submit a URL, it will be lost. That means without this extra ping step you have simply wasted all your time and energy submitting the URLs…

But, what does all these process actually give you?

Let me tell you how this all works out. While doing this, just imagine the manual job involved there.

Let us say you have 10 URLs to index.

  • 10 * RPC ping = 1000+ pings over the set of sites
  • 10 URLs times Meta stat submissions = 10 times 31k = 310k Meta submissions
  • 5 times 310k = 1,550,000 total submissions for the 10 URL set.

Note that 3 lists of Meta sites are included 150, 3k and 31k

So, how long would that take you if you had to do it manually?

Hours if not days

Of course, who wants to do all those boring manual work … right?

With just a few clicks of the IMSlave Link Blaster tool, you can have all these works done for you on autopilot.

IMSlave Link Blaster is multi-threaded to parallel process every single URLs of yours.

However, in the market, you could be probably paying at least $97 for this awesome software.

However, I tell you that it is available FREE…

=> Click Here to get IMSlave Link Blaster for FREE <=

Note: If you want to promote this software to your subscribers, through your websites, you could do that too!

PS: This is a PRO version of the software. You can give it away as a bonus as well as to your subscriber …

IMSlave Link Blaster FAQs

Q) Will this software get your website banned in Google or Yahoo or Bing?

A) No, this will not get your website banned

Q) Will this work on a ‘base’ domain?

A) Yes, absolutely … this is going to work fine for a base domain.

Q) Will the sites ban me from ‘future’ submissions?

A) No, these sites actually thrive pinging and Meta submissions

Q) Can I use this for profile links as well?

A) Yes… Profile links are very difficult to index and even if they are indexed will not show up in the index. However, the subset of sites listed in this software can get your profile links picked up soon.

Q) Do I need a proxy server to run this software?

A) Of course NOT … The sites used wants submissions more than anything

Q) How long does IMSlave Link Blaster take to run?

A) Usually depends on the number of URLs you are adding, including the Meta list size used, and the number of threads used…

Watch IMSlave Link Blaster in Action:

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab this software before I remove this awesome offer from my site …

Click Here to Download IMSlave Link Blaster for FREE
Click Here to Download IMSlave Link Blaster for FREE

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