Keyword Research: How to Search & Analyze Keywords

How do we search keywords, or specifically how do we search and analyze?

Okay, as a best affiliate marketer, you don’t want to focus on any general or broad keywords that has high volume of searches per month. Instead, as a smart affiliate marketer, we’ll be looking at keywords that are product names. We already covered this topic previous, but that’s the basic principle when it comes to searching for profitable keywords. Period!

With product keywords in our hands, we won’t even bother about non-product keywords until the last moment. Why? Well, as I’ve already mentioned earlier, product keywords are where high conversion is. Remember, conversion is king? Well, conversion beat everything, including search volumes, niche types, and competition as well.

So there’s no point in going after non-product keywords. Certainly not when you’re starting out as an affiliate marketer not only it will take a long time to rank properly for these non-product keywords, but it will also take you a long time to bring enough traffic before you even see any significant sales. That’s why product name keywords is where everything is at, always!

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What to look while Searching for non-product Keywords?

So in order to search for these product-name keywords, what we are looking at is affiliate offers and see what keywords those affiliate are using. That means, first we’ll find the offer, and then we’ll find what keywords are been used to promote it. Simple!

What are product name keywords?

So before we actually begin and start looking at other important topics, I’ll first make you clear what these product name keywords are, of course, with a simple example.

Let’s say for example, that you’re searching for ‘Samsung Mobile’ using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool (that’s one of my favorite keyword research tools). If you don’t know what it is, simply click here and you only require your Gmail account to login and perform keyword analysis in a matter of seconds.

Now let’s say you’re searching for ‘Samsung Mobile’ and you find that this product gets at least 5000 searches per month locally. Well, ‘Samsung Mobile’ is obviously a product name keyword. That means people are looking for the product Samsung Mobile because they already know that it exists, have seen or used it before, knows that they’re popular, or they have been recommended by someone else.

Likewise, in the keyword analysis, you’ll also come across other relevant keyword ideas, for example ‘Samsung Mobile Reviews’ or ‘Samsung Mobile Discounts’, ‘Best Samsung Mobiles’, and so on, that also have equally high searches and competition. That means, people are also looking if these Samsung mobiles have discounts or have a nice and honest review or want to compare the best mobiles before making their purchase decision.

You see the pattern?

People seem to be looking for the product name or something that has to do with the product name.

Other times, some people will also look for ‘Samsung Mobile Galaxy II’ as they already know the latest version of the mobile and so on. That only means that those people who are buying are absolutely clear about what they’re looking for.

Criteria while searching for the Product Name Keywords

While searching for the product name keywords, there are definitely one criterion and that is – we’re looking for a decent number of product name keywords. In other words, if we’re using the Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool for keyword search, we want to look for additional keywords that pop up along with that particular product name keyword. For example, ‘top Samsung mobiles, ‘best Samsung mobiles’, ‘Samsung mobile repairs’, ‘Samsung mobile stores’.

Don’t worry if you come along with irrelevant keywords right now, we’ll prune them out of our list later.

And we’re not just looking for a single keyword. Ideally speaking, we’re talking between fifteen to twenty keywords that have high volume of searches per month, more than 2000 searches to be exact.

I’ll explain why I have recommended looking for keywords that has 2000 searches per month later, but right now, just remember to get a product name keyword with high search volume, for just now.

High Converting Keywords

In addition to looking for product name keywords and other supporting keywords, we’ll also look for high converting keywords based on ratios. Well that might not seem a complete picture, but as I have already given you the exact volume of searches you should be looking for, this should suffice for now.

But just remember, you need to look for decent number of product name keywords that have high conversion, look for keywords that have more than 2000 search/month, and at least have certain numbers of keywords.

Of course, I’ll tell you all these things in the later articles.

Just don’t forget to check them out, here!

What Keyword Research Tool Do You Require?

The most amazing thing about the best keyword research marketing tool is that you don’t require any expensive research tool. In fact, you don’t even need any of them. I know lot of people don’t believe this, but as a matter of fact, we won’t be using any keyword research tools to find a niche.

Of course I have used them in the past, and I’ve used so many of them every now and then, but to be honest, you don’t really require them, at all!

Why don’t You Require Tools?

The reason is because what I’ve said earlier about the competition. In the basic guides, I discussed few points as why competition isn’t that important, although most people find them to be. When we are entering niches, we don’t really care about the competition at all!

All we do is keep optimizing things and down the line, even after couple or even six weeks, we know that we’ll eventually get at the first page of the Google, no matter how overwhelming the competition may seem now.

So don’t worry about competition!!!

And to tell you the awful truth, a lot of those keyword tools often are just analyzing low competition keywords that you can rank for.

3 Tools for Keyword Research

We only use three free tools, and nothing more. Simply three tools as you’ll need to perform some analysis and gain vital information. But don’t turn your head, they’re all free and easy to use. In fact, you can begin using them in just a matter of minutes, after you’ve signed up for their services.

These free keyword research tools are obvious and you probably have heard them about. They are almost used by everyone out there and frequently recommended.

1. Adword Keyword Tool

First tool is Adwords Keyword Tool. This keyword research tool is absolutely free, and if you’ have a Gmail account; you can begin right away to perform keyword analysis. Adword Keyword Tool certainly has tons of vital information for each keywords, but not all of them are important.

2. WordTracker Tool

Wordtracker tool is the second best free keyword research tool in the market today which also pulls out keywords that aren’t displayed by the Adword Keyword Tool. That means you’ll seem some extra keyword in there that do have high search volume that Adword Keyword Tool might have left out.

3. Google Suggest

Finally, I would highly suggest you use Google Suggest tool, as it’s the most creative way to find additional keyword tools that you might have missed using the first two keyword research tools I mentioned in point 1 and 2.

Just type a main/root keyword in Google, and it’s slightly mixed with the Google Instant right now, and after the main keyword, Google will suggest keywords based on volume of searches next to it. So it is a handy tool for finding the hidden keywords that aren’t usually found by the Adwords Keyword Tool or the Wordtracker Tool.

To Sum Up – How to Search and Analyze Keywords?

Okay, let me quickly recap what I have discussed in this article so that you don’t forget it. First, we learnt that product name keywords are where everything is at – more money, competition, and high volume of searches, and as a result, more conversion.

Product name keywords are keywords that include popular product names as a search terms by people. It’s not only the product name, but also it’s variation or something to have to do with the main product keywords, are important for keyword analyzing as they equally has more search volume, competition, and high conversion.

We also learnt three different tools that are important, but free to search and analyze keywords – Adwords Keyword Tool, Wordtracker tool, and finally, Google Suggest (Google Instant).

I hope that you found some value in this article.

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