Make $100 a Day: List Building Strategy that will WORK All the Time

Make $100 a Day: List Building Strategy that will WORK All the Time
Make $100 a Day: List Building Strategy that will WORK All the Time

After creating unlimited posts on my blog, I was not even seeing the results I was craving for: tons of visitors on my site clicking through my ads on my web pages.

I was constantly spitting out content on a regular basis, but still I did not know how to create drive more people to click through my ads/links on my site.

Until I recently heard: you need to build email marketing.

Well, why not, I was investing so much time on blogging; I would try this one too!

As long it delivered the results I was looking for (higher earnings), I would give it a shot.

I had said that when making my mind starting my own online blogging site. So, after a good research on email marketing, I finally came up with an incredible strategy that other marketers were using.

Today, in this article, I will share those email marketing tactics that works, well with every marketers out there, and it will work for you too.

I will try to keep this email-marketing tactic really short and simple. Please, do not ask me to provide a proof of earnings through these email-marketing strategies please, as I am not here to sell you anything.

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Dos and Don’ts of List Building that You Should Know:

list-building01Do not use a downloadable report after visitors opt-in

** For free giveaway, do not use a report that can easily be downloaded right after the visitors on your website opt in. This is because the % of subscribers will opt out the moment they hands on your free report.

Instead, here is what you should be doing. Go and buy high quality PLR content. Then turn it into 7 to 10 day e-course.

Avoid using the PDF format to send the course, however. Rather, offer the e-course through your private WordPress blog.

You create a page for each day of the e-course. As you create the pages, make sure you so some tweaking, such as changing the titles and headers in those articles; also write a small intro or summary of each page. (You do not have to use a membership site.)

You can keep your blog private – preventing search engines to index it – by watching the video below:

Do not redirect people to your offers the minute they opt-in

Special_Offers2Why not, you ask! For me, list building is not outright selling offers. For me, it is a vital tool to build and develop a relationship with my subscribers. Redirecting them to an offer as soon as they have subscribed is NOT the best way to start building a relationship with my subscribers.

Personally, I wait for few days (until the 3rd day) until I make them an offer – this strategy works best in the long term.

As I only offer only high quality giveaways, I also give them an option to get instant access to the rest of the course (again, on the 3rd day) for $7, (or $17-$47 if it includes HD videos).

I make this offer on the email that I send out letting them know that Day 3 course has been added to the blog; also, I make the offer at the bottom of that particular e-course page.

Here is a trick that I want to share that I learned from David Bullock – a writer of The 4 Letter Killer book. According to David, his book was downloaded over 260,000 times. When it comes to keeping ones subscribers happy, active, and waiting for more, David is simply great. I know this is true because I was also one of his subscribers for over 4 years.

His offer would be something like this:

“Hello Abishek, I hope that you are doing great. Today, I found this great tool that can really help you with your online business. In fact, this system is so good that I bought the ‘rights’ to it so that I can share it with you. For complete details, please ‘click here.’

P.S. Do not forget to click on the ‘elephant’ at the bottom of the page for a great surprise!

Clicking on those elephant links would take me to a PayPal payment page where I was asked to pay something between $10-$20 (less than advertised).

I noticed that I was clicking on those elephant links and buying his offers every Monday morning; I already opened his email until he stopped sending me after 5 years. During this time, I suspect that I must have clicked over 100 elephant clicks.

Later, I realized that the “exclusive” offer that I bought from him were resell rights items found at Unselfish Marketer site! But knowing this did not disappoint me as they were all high quality and there was always something to learn from them.

Use no more than 2 fields – first and email address – on the squeeze page.

squeeze-pageIf you ask me, I personally believe that if you want to build a long-lasting relationship with your subscriber, you have to make them feel that they are more than just an email address.

Use the squeeze page that comes with the offer or develop a new using OptimizePress

Almost all private label rights offers offer excellent marketing materials. Why not use them to your advantage to save precious time and energy. For pre-sell landing page, I use Presell Crusher.


One day 1, I send an email to my subscriber telling them how crucial it is for them to stick through the e-course till the very end. I also send them an introduction to my course (my promise to them) and what they should expect within next few days, etc.

Day 1 is sales or pre-sell letter to the course.

It works wonders! Often times, I receive email from my subscribers to buy all the course materials right after they have read Day 1.

Helpful tips while sending out emails:

email-list02Tip #1: I do keep my promises. That means on my squeeze page, if I had promised them that I am not going to share their info (name and email address) with others marketers, I ensure I keep it.

Tip #2: I only send my emails 2 times a week  – free materials on Tuesdays and bargain offers on Friday. On Tuesday, for example, I only send them something related to my course free. I ensure the material is high quality and relevant before hitting the ‘send’ button.

On Friday, however, I send them an offer. It could be your own product or a high quality resell rights products.

Tip #3: For offers, I promote ClickBank products, particularly the ones with re-billing.

I remind them that once they make a purchase, they will be added to a mailing list. I also tell them that they can get a full refund within 60 days after making the purchase and they can opt out anytime if they wish from the seller’s list.

Tip #4: My preferred niche is make money online, or MMO, and online marketing as there are so many products to promote; but the one that I truly enjoy promoting is the dog training niche.

Recently I created a course on my own from an e-book and mp3 that I had bought over 5 years ago.

Tip #5: It is a 21 day course, however, by the 3rd day, I also sent my subscribers the option to pay a small price if they wish to access the rest of the course instantly.

I receive a lot of takes to this offer.

Of course, I do practice what I learned from “David Bullock” – i.e. I put a picture of a dog at the bottom of the sales page and ask them to … “Click on my doggie for a nice surprise.”

Two things happen when they click on that doggie picture: 1) they receive a $10 discount … and 2) I see my cash register going Ching! Ching! Ching!

Tip #5: I purchase a new domain name for each course set up a WordPress site on the ‘root’ domain as well as on the sub-domain. The ‘root’ domain name is for the landing pages while the sub-domain is for the ‘private’ blog that I use to deliver my course.

eCoursesHow do I Promote My E-Courses?

  1. For each e-course, I create a Facebook fan page, a YouTube channel, and a SlideShare account.
  2. For the first 7 days, I will then upload at least 5-6 videos to my YouTube channel and 5 presentations to Slideshare account, and then post all these links on my Facebook fan page. I upload the same videos to YouTube and Facebook.
  3. The PowerPoint presentations are usually the same as the content in the videos.
  4. After 7 days, I will have 35 videos on my YouTube, Facebook, and 35 presentations on SlidShare account – this will send me free traffic to my e-course squeeze page.
  5. Recently, I have also begun to bookmark all these URL links and blog commenting, which has significantly INCREASED my website traffic, and of course, opt-ins.

How long does it take to upload each e-course?

I think it does not take any more than 24 hours (8 hours) to upload e-course on my domain, Facebook fan page, YouTube channel, and a SlideShare account.

You could do much better if you can set aside more time on promotion.

** Video marketing strategy is NOT spammy: My videos and presentations are not spammy by the way. I do make sure that I provide useful and relevant content.

That is probably I have not had any of my videos banned or deleted on YouTube or anywhere for that matter.

I also suggest that you use YouTube’s Creative Commons.

They have great videos that you can use as your own without having to worry about ‘copyright’ infringements. And, of course, to make things easier for you, they have an online editor so that you can add a custom intro and ending with you website info on these videos.

=> Click here to try YouTube editor for FREE

As of writing this article, I have already uploaded 15 e-courses that get me subscribers on a regular basis.

My main target was to collect at least 10 subscribers per e-course per day. But, with these marketing tools, I have even achieve more. And I think, this is the best and fastest way to make money online  – i.e. $300 a day to make a full-time income through online.

Make $300 a day with List Building: What You will Need?

make-100-dollarsTo get started, you will need a reliable and fast (affordable) hosting account, an auto responder, and a quality PLR product. Stay away from free auto responders (they are not free).

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask by commenting below.

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