Make Money Online Scams: 7 Red Flags To Watch

Make Money Online Scams: 7 Red Flags To Watch
Make Money Online Scams: 7 Red Flags To Watch

Many internet marketers are promising you moon in the make money online industry. They also like to tell you that is very easy and there is no experience and skills required from your site. However, I have been a victim of many make money online schemes, or “scams” before, so I am here to teach you few important lessons. In my book, what usually sounds too good to be true is often (95% of the time) always an online scam.

If you are like me, then you will fall of the online frauds rather than avoid them. There are no real way to completely avoid falling for these make money online scams, but there are certainly some signs that will tell you that you are about to be scammed to the bones.

Over the past 4 years, I have experienced many characteristics, which is very common in almost all types of make money online scams. If you spot one of them, I highly recommend that you tread the waters very carefully and do your research before jumping in to give your credit card details. Pin the site a “red flag” and move on.

Make Money Online Scams: 7 Red Flags To Watch:

Scam #1 – Make a Lot of Money

Just imagine you making over $1000 a day. You would easily quit your 9-5 job for it, wouldn’t you? That is actually what the so-called Internet Marketing “Guru” like to do – make you think in a way so that you cannot do without purchasing their offer.

Truth: While it is true that you can make a lot of money online, but it involves hard work and persistent action, something which cannot be done within a day or even months.

How to Avoid: Next time, whenever you see an offer that promises you moon (e.g. $1000 a day or even a week), consider it a red flag and move on. To make it clear again, it is not possible to make a lot of money without training, time, and hard work.

Scam #2: Make Money Really Fast

I was fan of these offers. These types of offers got me hooked fast. I wanted to make $1000 per day like yesterday. Now just consider a person (or perhaps even you) who is desperate to earn money pretty fast. I would not be surprised if that person would take out the last dime in his pocket and purchase this offer.

Truth: Again, there is no such thing as get rich quick. You could win the lottery than make money online within few hours or even days.

How to Prevent: This type of offer is difficult to avoid as I have been falling it for number of years. The best advice I could give you is not to let the phrase sink into your mind too much. At first, it may take you some time to understand and know that it does not work that fast, but once you do, you will be able to spot this type of offers in the future and save yourself your hard-earned money, time, and energy.

Scam #4: Make Money with Little of NO Effort

We see this type of make money online scam all the time. They say, you do not require any skills (PC or programming knowledge, etc), and you don’t even need any experience. Once the system has been set up with just a mouse click, you just relax back and watch the money pile in. Haha, what an amazing way to make money online.

Truth: If you do not require any experience or skill, the how will you be able to create a system for yourself and set it up with just a click of a mouse button? The truth is that many online startup businesses hardly even know how to turn on their computer. While it is true that you can learn to make money online, basic knowledge of computer and Internet is required.

Not to mention, you will have to put time, effort, and hard work to make it big online. With time, things will of course start to get easier and the work load will be a lot lesser. But no way an “auto-cash-generating-machine” can replace YOU to make money for you.

How to Avoid: Knowing that it takes hard work, time, and persistence to establish a thriving online business.

Scam #5 – Forcing you to take action NOW

Looks like I will lose this wonderful offer if I don’t act now or within 24 hours, or even certain number of days. I better hurry up, get my credit card, and purchase it before the offer is taken down forever.

Truth: This is just another marketing strategy to get you to take action. It compels the visitors to make the decision to buy, instantly. But they are often fake. Once, I landed on the page of an offer where the time said I only have 24 hours. After a week, I returned back to the same offer and the timer was still at 24 hour.

How to Avoid: If you spot this type of offer, do not worry. Before you take your credit card out of your pocket, take your time and research about the product more and come back only when you are 100% sure the system to make money online is legitimat and delivers.

Scam #6 – The offer is too good to be ignored

Making $1000 a day sounds a dream come true for many. No effort is required and you could be richer in no time with just a blink of an eye. That sounds wonderful, but actually too wonderful to be true.

Truth: Every offer you find online that sound too good to be true are often (95% of the time) not true. While it is true that you could make $1000 a day, but not just overnight and without consistent work for several months. Effort will always be there, but with time it will get easier and lesser, but it is always required that you keep on running your online business (write new articles, promote your content and offers on social media channels, and offer customer service, etc.)

How to avoid: If the offer you see is too good to be true, then probably it is and be very cautious. Without effort and hard work at first, you will not be able to make a lot of money online. Knowing this will help you avoid this type of offer.

Scam #7 – The Owner Seems Shady

You see an offer without an image of the creator. The videos shown include different people (actors). And, there is no way you can contact them. This is very usual type of make money online scams out there.

Truth: If there is no way you can get hold of the creator or the support, or you cannot see their face, then that means a red flag. Why? Because he is not just hiding, but he is also shy. He does this because he does not have any substantial thing to offer and therefore does not want to get associated with anyone. He only cares about the money (as long as the money keeps flowing, nothing else matters for the Guru).

How to avoid: If you do not find a way to contact the owner or don’t see any human interaction, just dump the offer and move on. There are tons of other great offers online that will teach you how to make money online.

Scam #8 (Bonus) – Little or no Description available of the offer

So, the offer you saw online says, “You can make money online in 30 days and that you do not need to put in much effort and time!” However, what exact steps you should be following to make that amount of money so fast? Make money online scams often have little or no description and once you have it, there is still not much information either.

Truth: Many Internet Marketers offer little or no product/service description because either they are an affiliate and just promote it … OR they know it is worthless piece of junk and if their visitors knew about it, they would not purchase it.

How to Avoid: Anything you cannot get enough information about should not be trusted blindly. They very least an offer should have is a description of what you are going to purchase. If you do not see one, simply ignore and keep walking.

Conclusion – Make Money Online Scams: 7 Red Flags To Watch

I have said this before and would like to stress it enough so that you get it. Listen: There is no such thing as becoming a millionaire overnight and you will not be able to make money without doing nothing. Unfortunately, all these make money online schemes are trying to make you believe just that.

To be honest, there is no shortcut to success. To generate substantial full-time income takes a lot of training, time, effort, and of course experience (you will gain this over time), and hard work, not to mention a lot of frustration, commitment, and mistakes.

The best ways to stay away from these online make money online scams is to know and understand these typical characteristics (mentioned above). This list of red flags will help you know which product or service is genuine and which ones are scams.

Always keep on looking out for product and services that let you try before you purchase, or they at least have a customer support. Genuine make money online services do not promise you things like making you a lot of money in just few days and without even working.

I would highly advise you to double check these programs before you actually buy them. If you were looking for genuine way of making money online, then I recommend that you check out my affiliate marketing tips because that is only the best ways (and legitimate) to make money online.

Over to you …

Do you have questions? Have you fallen for any of these make money online scams before? Share with me in the comment below.

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  1. Great insight! I was victim on many make money online schemes before. Definitely I was not watching out one of these red flags that you mentioned here. Thanks for sharing. Going to tweet it today 🙂