Make Money with Articles: The Significance of Using a Catchy URL

Why catchy url is vital
Why catchy url is vital

Having returning visitors on your website is a wonderful thing. But if it is hard to remember and does not sound catchy enough, people will never return. So, one of the things you, as an internet marketer, need to do after picking up a niche topic is to select a catchy URL.

It has to easy to remember and different than the rest of the URLs, making it easy for visitors to return to your niche site.

Out of ideas and inspirations? Just look at all those keywords that you have chosen for your niche to see if any of those have a catchy tone.

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It has to have a “used car salesman” sounding, not just anything boring that does not have an original sound to it.

Let’s say, for example, if your niche is about “what”, you could try selecting “megawhat”, “what4u”, “houseofwhat”, or “whatKingdom”. All these names will be original, and it will also explain what your niche is, and most importantly, will be easy to remember for returning visitors.

So, just go back to board and ask how easy is your URL? Is it easy to remember so that your visitors won’t have any trouble returning and clicking on more affiliate links?

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