Making Money with Articles: Article Directories

Making Money with Articles: Article Directories...
Making Money with Articles: Article Directories...

Article directories are sites that host free articles. These articles are posted by owners who own the copyright to them for promotion of their products and services.

Each article contains the owners byline in the bottom of the article so that those reading the article eventually will know the author (or at least the owner) and will be able to get in touch with or even visit their website for more information.

Article directories are crucial for businesses because they help them make money. By submitting your articles on article directories, those interested in your product or services will be able to see your article, and also consider you as an industry expert, giving them even more reasons to visit your website.

article-directoriesSo, even if you have not written anything before or do not possess any knowledge about your field on where you are promoting (for e.g. if you are running an affiliate website), you can always hire a good writer to do the task for you.

Getting high quality articles written by writers could be expensive at first, but eventually they will give you the ROIs you have been looking for really fast, either from affiliate sales or selling your own services, then everything from there on will be 100% pure profit.

Let me give you a real life example.

Just pretend that you are an accountant working from home. You go on to write an article on accounting topic and submit it to various article directories.

Those who are involved or interested in your subject you wrote about will view your article, discover that you have the knowledge and skills that is required to get the job done for them, and thus, visit your website and/or contact you through your e-mail.

article-directory-listDidn’t your article just gain you a new client who probably may use your services for a long time? Didn’t that give you a nice profit for at least once?

Moreover, because you have posted your account article on a free article directory, others having affiliates website about accounting will eventually use your article for their website.

Because they will have to attach your byline (author profile) if they wish to use your article on their website, this will even bring more benefits for you – i.e. more exposure from websites that re-publishes your article and more traffic that they receive to their website.

There are plenty of article directories on the Internet for you to submit your articles. The best thing you could do for your online business is to submit a copy of each of your articles on every one or at least these top 50+ High PR article directories for maximum exposure.

By posting your article on these websites with high PR will eventually help bring more free website traffic (potential customers) to your website, leading to new purchases and orders, and hence, more profits.

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