Making Money With Articles: Banner Advertisements

Making Money With Articles: Banner Advertisements
Making Money With Articles: Banner Advertisements

When you are thinking about making money through the articles posted on your website, it is very crucial to properly expose your site to search engines so that you will drive more targeted traffic (potential customers) and allow them to see what a high quality site you built for yourself.

There are different ways to promote and market your website. One of them is through banner advertisements.

Why Banner Ads is Important

03-banner-adsBanner ads can help visitors on other sites to come and visit your own site.

Although the monthly fee can be expensive to advertise on high PR sites – i.e. sites with high traffic – in the end, this method will be cheaper and even faster way to bring significant amount of revenues from your website efforts. In fact, this method works even BETTER than relying on for SEO strategies to bring your own site to the top of the search engine results.

Alternatively, if you do not want to pay to advertise on someone’s site, there are also free banner exchange programs to select. Let us look at the pros and cons of each banner advertisement exchange method below.

Method #1: FREE Banner Exchanges

In this banner exchange program, you and other sites exchange banners with each others. Your website banner will go in theirs and their banners will go into yours. Though this method of building more traffic to your site is free and easy, there are two major flaws associated with it.

Major Flaws with Free Banner Exchange Program:

  1. Clutters your website – First of all, if you wanted to place banners on multiple sites, let’s say over 10 or 20 websites, it would mean cluttering your own site with all the banner that come from theirs. This would spell “disaster” if you were running an affiliate sites, because instead of clicking on your affiliate links, your website visitors may be clicking on your banner exchange links.
  2. Dealing with “banner farms” or “link farms” – Secondly, you need to be extra careful when choosing the sites you want to exchange your banners with. For example, there are lot of sites that like to gather banners to transform themselves into a directory or a portal site, and not put up any real valuable content for their visitors. These “banner farms” or “link farms” will not bring more traffic to your sites and, in the meantime, you will be sending a lot of traffic to theirs.

Method #2: Paid Banner Ads

02-banner-adsAs I mentioned earlier, paid banner ads cost money, but they will also bring you a lot of revenues … IF you choose the ‘right’ programs. Just ensure that the site brings you the amount of traffic that they say they would and place your ads in a way that invites people to click through without being overly “salesy”. You also want to make sure that they do not host dozens of other banners on the same page you are on, and that are no direct competitors on the same page.

Conclusion: Making Money With Articles: Banner Advertisements

Overall, your banners ads can bring you tons of profits to your site if you do it the ‘right’ way. If you decide to use banner advertisement method to generate revenues to your site, just make sure to follow the above tips.

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