Matt Cutts Top 10 tips for Improving Website Ranking

improve your website rankings
improve your website rankings

SEO, if done, with quality in mind, not only increases your website and web pages rankings, but also improves your overall online brand image. So, rather than aiming for “cheap shots” trying to trick the search engines for quick rankings, your should always aim for quality SEO work.

Here are top 10 tips that will increase your website’s rankings, you’re your reader (visitors) better experience, and finally, help your site to grow naturally in popularity:

1. Write High Quality Content Regularly

It is highly important that you need to create quality content on a regular basis. Why? Well, people come to your site for information that will help them solve a problem, or entertain them. If you are not giving these two things to your readers, they will not come back again, because you did not fulfill their requirements in the first place. So, that is why you need to create interesting content on a regular basis.

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2. Submit Your Articles on Sites

Make a good list of online places where you can submit your articles. Jotting down a list of article directories in a file (I prefer Excel) will save your time in number of different ways: you don’t have to remember the name of each article directories for submission; you can also use the same list of directories for future projects.

Tip: Post your articles at least in five different article directories to generate backlinks from wide range of platform and IP addresses, because Google loves diversity.

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3. Comment on Blogs and Forums

If you are in a blogging world, or “blogosphere,” you must be socially active person, giving you one more reason to comment on other’s blog. Some blog are “dofollow,” which means that you can generate high quality backlinks to your site by just commenting on them. All you have to do is post related comments.

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4. Keep Updating

Keep posting fresh and unique content on your blog regularly. The more posts you have on your blog/site, the better your pages are indexed by the search engine robots, which in turn will INCREASE your blog’s page rank (PR).

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5. Social Bookmarking

Link diversity (generating backlinks from wide sources) is the way to go when it comes to off-page SEO. Besides article directories, blog comments, you can share your articles, tips, and other ideas on popular social bookmarking sites such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Squidoo, and StumbleUpon, to get quality backlinks and traffic.

Share your content, ideas, and information on popular social sites to get a free backlinks and traffic.

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6. Be Active

If your website is down for a long period, Google and other search engines will consider that you are no longer active, and rank other websites higher than yours. Keeping your website accessible and posting fresh and unique content regularly is the way to go when it comes to increasing your website rankings.

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7. Optimize Using Broad Search Keywords

People often use search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing to find you. Optimizing your posts with a keyword that is highly being searched by the people is the way to go when it comes to ranking your website higher and drive MORE traffic.

8. Interlink your site

Interlinking will help your visitors stay a little longer than usual on your website, which will help in decreasing the bounce rate. Also, Google give a vote to a page that has a link to it and assigns a high PR to it. But you need to be careful during interlinking your articles. Having 5-10 links per page will only make you appear as “spam.”

Include keywords as your anchor text to increase the click through rate as people often like to click on main topics that interests them, and keyword phrases are often important topics in your posts.

9. Advertise Your Website

Create a nice looking clean banner for your website that reflects the image you want for your brand/site, and spread it on as many forums as you visit. In addition to this, you can also create a banner to use as a signature image on forums too. With banners, you will get good backlinks as well as free traffic.

10. Be Active on Forums

Google and other search engines spend a lot of their time crawling through forums because they are a large community where every day thousands of people visit to look for ideas, tips, and relevant information that interests them.

Having a backlink from high PR forums will give you a vote of confidence because Google will assume that you are active on these boards.

To get a backlink from a high PR forum, you will need to post at least few posts (2-3 posts), and sometimes up to 30 posts. It might seem a lot of work, but it is worth if you look at how easily you can bring free traffic to your website from them

11. Avoid Cheap or Black Hat SEO Tactics

Avoid using illegal SEO tactics on your website. They might help you get quick rankings at first, but as soon as Google suspect they were not built to offer valuable information (by looking at the bounce rate of your site), not only they will drop your website’s current ranking from the search engine rankings, but also ban your website from displaying in future queries.

It is against the policy of search engines to use cheap and black hat SEO techniques to influence rankings.

Instead, start small and stick to what WORKS (follow all the steps above). Strive to add value to people’s life, because they will do all sorts of things for you – free promotion for example – if they like your content.

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Over to you: Did you like these top 11 tips on increasing your website ranking? Did I miss anything? Have you tried any of these SEO tactics to increase your website rankings? Please comment below.

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