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abiI am a freelance writer from Kathmandu, Nepal – the land of Himalayas.  I love to write about topics that I enjoy ( Healthy Life, Self Improvement, Love & Sex, Internet, among others) and want to add value in others life.

In addition to writing articles for my website, I also offer copy writing services.

Having a great-looking website is a nice thing to have, but if no one finds you on the internet, what the point right? So, get found on the internet and bring more traffic to your site with my SEO optimized content for your site and blogs…

If you require quality copy for your online business, please contact me.

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You can read all my articles for free. However, you cannot copy and paste my article and use them on your site or blog.

Every day, I will publish a “fresh content” on a specific topic. If you find my articles useful in any way, you can show your appreciation by commenting on my blog or sharing it with your Facebook, Google+, or Twitter profiles so that your friends or families also get a chance to read and learn something useful.

When I am not busy writing for me or my clients, I go outside and like to spend my time connecting with people (friends, families, and ‘new’ people) because I think we each have something exciting to share.

I also have few hobbies: playing pool or snooker with my friends, and rock-climbing and cycling during weekends. (I also like to go trekking.)

By the way, if you have any suggestion to improve my website, please contact me.

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Abishek R.

Freelance Writer 🙂