These are my recent published articles in the following popular niche, however, I am also open to writing in new industry to further expand my writing skills and experience. Please click the link to visit the website and read my content.

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I have written in-depth, useful, and SEO-friendly blog articles that include top "insider" tips, tricks, and tactics in an easy to read and understand manner. Every word I share on my blog posts are backed by industry statistics, facts, figures, and charts, hence they're accurate, useful, and relevant to my targeted readers.

Abi Writes - Kickass Freelance Writer
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Digital Marketing

These are recent writing assignments in the digital marketing niche.

Conversion Hub
Conversion Hub is a digital marketing firm in Singapore. They wanted me to craft high-quality blog articles and online course for a pool of users who wanted to learn digital marketing and usability testing - two vital components required to reach out to hungry customers and offer them great experience to boost conversions.
Usability Testing
I was asked by Usability Testing Singapore - a leading usability testing company based in Singapore - to write blog articles and free 10part digital courses to help their visitors learn how to do usability testing to improve your user experience.