These are my recent published articles in the following popular niche, however, I am also open to writing in new industry to further expand my writing skills and experience. Please click the link to visit the website and read my content.

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I have written in-depth, useful, and SEO-friendly blog articles that include top "insider" tips, tricks, and tactics in an easy to read and understand manner. Every word I share on my blog posts are backed by industry statistics, facts, figures, and charts, hence they're accurate, useful, and relevant to my targeted readers.

6 Easy Steps to Shareable Content - AbiWrites
In this blog post, I reveal proven ways of quickly and easily compelling people to share your content now, as it will help you know how valuable your people think your content is.
7 Simple, Step-By-Step Methods of Creating Compelling Content That Gets Shared 500+ Times - AbiWrites
Almost everyone has a difficult time creating content. Yes. It's tough. Almost 90% of marketers do it completely wrong. So, if you use this simple yet proven method of creating compelling articles for your website, you'll be waaay ahead your competitors.

Digital Marketing

These are recent writing assignments in the digital marketing niche.

17 Quick Hacks to Improve Your Landing Page Design for More Conversions | Conversion Hub
Conversion Hub is a digital marketing firm in Singapore. They wanted me to craft high-quality blog articles and online course for a pool of users who wanted to learn digital marketing and usability testing - two vital components required to reach out to hungry customers and offer them great experience to boost conversions.
7 Ways to Benchmark Your Intranet Performance | Usability Testing Singapore
I was asked by Usability Testing Singapore - a leading usability testing company based in Singapore - to write blog articles and free 10part digital courses to help their visitors learn how to do usability testing to improve your user experience.

Social Media

Blog posts and digital courses designed to help beginners and intermediate digital marketers establish a killer online presence on social media.

10 Effortless Ways to Optimize Your Social Media Posts for Search Engines - Conversion Hub
This is an example of a long-form blog that I hand-crafted within 3 hours. It's jam-packed with simple yet potent step-by-step social media optimisation tactics for better search engine rankings in Google.
Improving Conversion Rate through Social Media Marketing
In this blog post, I reveal simple yet little-known secrets that'll help double ROIs through social media marketing (SMM) for website owners.
Shocker! Facebook Changes Its Algorithm to Penalize Content Articles
Facebook is always changing its algorithm to provide better services to its users. In this post I wrote for Conversion Hub, I pound on the subject to explain to readers what does this changes means, how will it impact marketers, and how content marketers adapt to changing times (or otherwise risk losing the battle).