PPC Ads Writing

Pay per click advertising can generate traffic instantly, withing few minutes. And if you spend enough, you get top placement, and attract potential customers.

However, PPC done incorrectly can also be bad. It can cost you a fortune. $50 for a day’s budget? You could easily lose that within the first hour. And you will still not get extra business.

Why Abishek Rana is good at writing PPC ads

Well, PPC ad is just like any other ad. But it’s small. So you will need a hook. It needs to say what is on offer. It needs to explain the benefits. It also needs to appeal to the emotions. And, of course, it needs to include a call to action.

The search term will be in the ad title. This will increase the click through rate by as much as 50%. In the ad itself. In the domain name as well.

And of course, your PPC will have proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Poor spelling will have your ad disabled by Google quicker than you would realize.