Press Release Writing

Press releases is a written statement to get media’s attention. It announced a range of news worthy items including awards, promotions, scheduled events, new products and services, and accomplishments.

What will you get ?

You will get a well-written, consice, readable, and properly formatted press release. Headline will be included. It will be brief, clear, and to the point. In bold, CAPITALIZED characters. It will include important keywords. The body of the copy will be written as you want it to be published in a news story – starting with the date and city in which the press release originates. The lead (first sentence) will grab the reader’s attention.  The body will be compact. Short sentences and paragraphs. Of course, no wasted words and overuse of fancy language.

Customer satisfaction guaranteed (Abishek Rana will not distribute unless you are 100% satisfied with the copy). Fast turnaround time: less than than 1 week turnaround.