Should You Go After ‘Product Name’ Keyword?

Why to Go After Product Name Keyword
Why to Go After Product Name Keyword

When it comes to affiliate marketing, are there any golden rules?

Just like with everything else, niche research also has few basic rules that are based on few basic principles.

These fundamental principles of niche research were always there, and many Internet Marketing Gurus have been talking about them for many years.

The best thing is that you might probably already know about them, or heard somewhere someone talk about them.

As an ace affiliate marketer, we will never promote any products unless it’s searched by the name.

The whole niche research technique depends upon this sole factor. So, it would not only help you to know these basic principles of niche research but I also highly suggest you, as an affiliate marketer, understand its significance.

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1. The Simple Rule

I want you to just copy and paste what I am about to tell you. Note it down on your computer or on the wall where you’ll always look at them.

Promise to repeat it out loud every day so that they burn inside your unconscious mind.

As an ace affiliate marketer, we will never promote any products unless it’s searched by the name.

I’ll tell you why, later! 😀

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2. Targeted Vs. Product Name Keywords – Which One Should You Go?

As an affiliate marketer, you can still go after keywords that are targeted but aren’t the product names themselves.

For example, weight loss guide. Let’s say you’ve got one of the “weight loss” guide books that you want to promote and you do it by using the keyword – “weight loss guide.”

Well, it’s a good strategy as it’s the targeted keyword. You’ll also get conversions. In fact, you’ll get conversions although it won’t be that much, but you will nonetheless.

BUT here are few problems going after targeted keywords.

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When you go after keywords that are targeted, you’ll have to compete with every other affiliate marketers out there who’s selling any other weight loss guide.

Not only that, you MAY also have to compete against affiliates who are promoting 10 different products similar to yours for that “same keyword”.

Although you’ll likely make huge conversions, but in order to do so, you’ll also have to do a lot of homework – rank against hundreds of other affiliates.

But, you don’t have to go that way.

Instead, if you only go after keywords that are product names, “Proactive Weight Loss Guide” for example, then you’ll only be competing against that group of affiliate marketers.

This is because the niche is specific than the previous one, which was broad and general. In other words, the more specific the niche is, the fewer competitors you’ll find, and easier it is to rank.

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Here’s another reason why you should go after keywords that are product names.

The conversions are also very high for “product name keywords”.

The conversion is high because people searching for it already know about the name of the product, know that it exists in the market, and also have already been pre-sold, and most importantly, they want to buy it.

Your task as an affiliate marketer becomes even easier when you’ll be after product name keywords rather than a general keyword like “best weight loss guide”.

Here’s another thing.

You might also stumble upon another general keyword unlike ‘best weight loss guide’ that might represent an obscure niche or doesn’t reveal about the product name itself.

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These keywords may also have relatively low competitions. But that would be very rare.

It would be better that you go after keywords that represent product names that are already pre-sold to the searchers.

You job becomes much easier to sell these products as there will also be a lower competition.

3. How had Many Searches?

This is the question that seems to be always nagging in the back of your mind – “How many searches” each product name keyword should have? Well, the answer is “there’s no minimum”.

Yes, you heard it right. There’s absolutely no minimum if you’re going after “product name keywords”.

The conversion rate is always high when the product is searched by name and also has a nice, attractive, and customer-friendly sales page.

I’ll talk about the sales page later but just wanted to let you know that you can still make more money from very small searches per month.

The more searches, the better the conversion for the “product name keywords” as more searches also mean the market is big.

But even with just a few product keyword searches a day, you can still make good money!

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4. Example, There’s No Minimum for Product-related Keywords

While I was working on my website the other day, I receive a call from my friend whom we used to chat over on the phone about making money through affiliate marketing.

I had given revealed him the benefits of product name keywords and the high conversion it makes.

He had jumped at the idea.

The next few weeks, he had actually developed a site around that particular product name keyword and also ranked in the 7th or 8th position on Google.

Later I also did a search volume of the product and was “shocked” to find that it only got 40 searches per month!

Now, most of the people would have shied away going after that particular product. But my friend sticks up to it. He also said that, with only 40 searches a month, he still made $60 a year.

Now, that’s not a big number, and nobody’s going to be rich for that small amount.

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But my point here is that if you’re even going after a product related keywords that have low searches a month, you can still make more money provided that you also pay attention to other factorsattractive sales page, going after affiliate programs that offer more sales commission, and so on.

These are the most fundamental points of affiliate marketers.

Go after product keywords, even if you suspect it has a low volume of searches per month because they convert high as people are already on the verge of buying.

Conclusion: So Will You Go After Product Name Keywords?

Well, to sum it all, go after product keywords as there’s where the money is.

As an ace affiliate marketer, for more conversion and to make more money, then product keyword is what you should go after!

So with that said, repeat the statement out loud along with me – “My goal as an ace affiliate marketer is to find and promote as many best-selling products.”

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