Social Media Marketing Temptations to Avoid

Are you desperate to make sales? Social media marketing is not the place for desperate sellers, but if done correctly, it is the place you can make the fastest sales. Seems to be a contradiction, does not it? Let me explain you one of the worst habits I see in social media marketing today, and why you have to avoid it if you want to succeed.

You see, I am a network marketer. I use social media marketing strategy in order to generate leads and to make sales. However, when I first started using social media for marketing and promotions, I did what everyone else told me to do and it was a disaster.

Let me illustrate my point with an example.

Avoid This Temptation to Succeed in Social Media MarketingVisit Facebook now, open any group that is related to making money, and start reading their content that you see appearing in their timeline. What will you see? You will see update that includes calls to action, links, and spam. You just feel like ignoring them all.

What does other tell you to do in social media marketing for your network business or to sell products? They ask you to start posting in groups and Facebook and Twitter. They tell you it is the fastest way to make money.

But they are wrong!

If you start posting calls to action, links, and spam updates, no one will read a word you say. You need to do something different.

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The day I decided that I will stop posting on Facebook and on Twitter to get leads and generate sales, I started to get more leads and generate sales.

Contradiction, again!

I started to become the most engaging and interesting person I could be. I started to become a number one question asker online.

What does that supposed to mean? You see, instead of trying to post my updates that no one wanted to read, I started to read what they had to say and asking questions. I started to engage them in their conversations and with them.

Just imagine how frustrating it would be when an individual has posted 100 updates on their Facebook and not received a single lead.

I, on the other hand, try to ask as many questions about their posts as I can. I ask about their business, and then try to figure out there level of success, and want to know about their family, their job, and anything else they want to share.

I am genuinely interested in them. And guess what?

One hundred percent of the time, they questions get reversed.

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Suddenly, they start to ask about my business, my family, and my success. When they hear that I am getting leads everyday and I am closing sales using social media marketing, they want to know how.

This is when I share my content with them. I lead them to my videos that I create for your business and share them on Facebook and YouTube. I also redirect them to my blog.

I make them connect with me on LinkedIn and have them add me as a friend on Facebook, because we are friends. They start to share my content and help me generate even more leads. So, instead of posting content to groups that ignore what I am trying to say, I post content to friends who wants to work with me.

You see, social media marketing is not about spamming people and groups. It is all about getting social and making friends. Embrace the social side of your life in your marketing and watch your results explode.

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