Start a Freelance Writing Career from Home

Steps for Starting a Freelance Career from Home
Steps for Starting a Freelance Career from Home

You can make money online as a freelance writer. Online businesses are looking for someone who can write for them. Full-time, part-time, and even one-off projects.

So, if you love writing, then let me tell you there are options for you and you can make a full-time income from the comfort of your home.In this article, you will find several options that are available for a freelance writer and how to get started.

If you want to make a living from working at home, online freelance writing is the best option for you.

Whether you have set up a website or not, you can make a healthy income just by writing for small businesses that need content.

Online Business are Looking for Writers

Her are few interesting statistics for you to ponder:

62% of online business today outsources their content to freelancers

This tells that online business owners are looking for you. They are looking for writers every day.

86% wants to use your work in their marketing campaigns

Online businesses and companies are looking for writers to create content for them so that they can drive traffic to their online business and convert them into leads or sales.

97% increase in leads through article writing, content marketing, and blog writing.

There is a High Demand for Writers
There is a High Demand for Writers

This is an astounding stat! This tells that online businesses are seeing 97% increase in traffic or leads through articles and blog written by people just like you.

People who want to get writing job so that they can work from home as a freelance writer, churning out quality content that drives visitors and converts them into a customer for online business.

The web is made up of content. Anyone who wants to be successful online needs to produce content regularly. If you can satisfy the demand for content, then you will get paid for it.

Or, if you want to dig deeper and build a writing career, here are few things you can ponder.

#1: Choose Programs that Align with Your Interests

Online businesses are growing every day, as new categories and industries are added every year.

So, before applying for a job, make sure that you do a quick background information check of your client. Select writing gigs that are aligned with your interests.

If you enjoy writing about a particular topic or industry, it will make your writing experience memorable and much better!

#2: Check your Writing Sample 2-3 Times

If you want to be a writer, make sure your writing counts. Check spelling and grammatical errors. If they are still there, it means you have not taken your writing assignment seriously.

This will take your client’s editors more time to fix. Do you want to be a professional writer?

Show that you are by writing a good piece of content from the start.

#3: Provide ‘Right’ Information

Providing information about yourself while applying for a writing gig is crucial to sharing something about important about yourself.

Make sure it is relevant to the position you are applying. For example, share a professional experience or a degree or certification that proves that you are qualified to write about a certain topic.

Offering relevant information gives you an advantage over others.

#4: Show that You Are on Social Media

Include social media links to your application too. This will show your potential employer that you are serious about expanding your writing career.

It will also make you look good to your clients.

Writers who have a personal blog or Facebook fan page dedicated to their work automatically have a boost in appeal.

So, are you ready to find freelance writing jobs from home?

Types of Writing You Can Do at Home

Types of Writing Work You Can Do at Home
Types of Writing Work You Can Do at Home

Social Media Content Writer

Do you have experience with social media and love writing for specific audiences?

Many small business owners are willing to hire both part-time as well as a full-time freelance writer to help them with social media management.

You need to have some writing skills, though. You need to be able to use words properly, in a way that you wish to, and using less word.

People who are good in social media are the ones who can write in a way that grabs their readers by the balls and gets their attention.

Both writing and communication skills are vital in this type of writing gig.

You will be responsible for interacting with existing and potential customers through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and other platforms.

Content Curator

Do you love reading other’s blogs just as much as you enjoy writing your own?

Websites, blogs, and small businesses are looking for content curators who can gather the latest content in a particular field, and then compile them in one place for easy reading.

There is a growing demand for research marketing. The pay is also very good.

The work usually involves writing website copy, synopses, and writing headlines. If you enjoy research, this can make a wonderful passive income for you.

Blog Writing

Many companies are looking for writers have niche websites.

If you are passionate about something – weight loss, health and fitness, finance, self-development, and/or leadership – you should make a healthy income through blog writing.

Experienced in web design and graphic? Try Psdtuts+

Psdtuts+ accepts submission for Photoshop related articles – from Photoshop editing to web template design and illustration.

Tutorials need to be submitted in HTML format. It also must have an image.

  1. Home URL:
  2. Submission URL:
  3. Minimum Pay: $50 for a short tutorial or video
  4. Highest Pay: “Make an offer” for longer tutorials or videos

A writer can earn as anywhere between 5 cents to 50 cents per word.

A beginner writer who is less experienced and skillful might get paid 10 cents per word. But no matter where you are, do not accept anything less than 5 cents.

no matter who/where you are, do not accept anything less than 5 cents / word!

Editorial Writing

If you love writing but also love the administration side of publishing, a part-time job as an assistant editorial assistant might be a great option for you.

Of course, you need some additional skills than simply being a freelancer.

Depending on the publication, you will help with the article editing, page layout and editorial calendar management tasks.

Top 5 Best Places To Find Writing Gigs?

Where can you find Writing Gigs?
Where can you find Writing Gigs?

There are various good places to find high paying writing jobs so that you can work from home and make a decent income as well. As long as you are willing to write, you can make money from home.


Up work is where I get my writing assignment. There are plenty of high paying jobs available here.

You will find fresh jobs listed at Upwork every day, published under different categories too, making it easier for you to find a writing job you are interested in.

The pay is good – at least $5 to $40 per a well written 500-1k long articles.

All you have to do is sign up for free and create your account. Then fill up your information along with your writing portfolio (does not even take more than 1 hour).

As a free member, you are given 60 free coupons to bid on 30 jobs every month. If you want to bid on more jobs, you can upgrade your membership.

#2: Freelance

Freelance Writing sends out a weekly newsletter that lists a freelance writing /editing jobs on a wide range of industries.

Since as early as 1997, Freelance Writing has been sending real time freelance writing jobs for freelance writers around the world.

The pay is good and the best part is that they deliver the writing gigs right into your email.

#3: Freelance Writing Jobs, or FWJ

FWJ is just like Craigslist – it scraps it writing gigs from writing job opportunities from other sites.

However, unlike Craigslist where you cannot trust on many things, FWJ does increase your chance of finding a good paying job.

FWJ gather writing gigs from Craigslist board all over the country, allowing you to find writing gigs that you would have normally never find if you were only browsing through your local board.

#4: Blogging Pro

Blogging Pro also lists a number of copywriting jobs for freelancers. Use their search postings by category to find job offers that match your interests.

Whether you are interested in health and fitness, personal development, travel, food, or whatever else you are, rest assured that you will find a healthy dose of employers looking for blog writers expert in these or any many other blogs.

#5: Pro Blogger

Pro blogger is the place to go for high paying writing gigs. Bloggers come here looking to hire writers and working together.

In addition to these sites, there are also other few useful sites that I frequently get writing gigs and make passive income on the site whenever I am free.

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Effective Tips on How to Become a Better Writer

If you run your own website, you know that good content means more traffic, more rankings, more shares, and ultimately more customers.

Tips on How to Become a Better Writer
Tips on How to Become a Better Writer

Here are few writing tips to help you become a better and well-fed writer:

1: Read, read, and read more

You cannot expect to become a great writer unless you are familiar with one. Look out for writers that you admire and read their work.

Read daily if you have to, or at least few times a week.

Their skills with words will soak into your subconscious and soon start to show up in your own writing too.

2: Listen Music to Write

Not all music is created for the same purpose. Some music makes you dance, some music makes you cry, and others make you write.

Personally, I prefer slow jazz compositions while writing.

You can create your own writing playlist to put you in a mood to write, but you really do not have to. Click here to start listening to some relaxing music on 8tracks site, created specifically for writing.

3: Try Free-Writing

“Don’t get it right. Just get it written.” ~ James Thurber

Have you tried free writing? It is the practice of writing without stopping your fingers on your keywords for  a certain period of time.

If you get stuck writing, you simply continue to write the previous sentence or word until you come up with something to write about.

This may sound weird at first, and of course, there is will tons of grammatical errors and run-on sentences.

But there is something powerful about the stream of consciousness that the free-writing produce.

Also, there is something powerful about creating words that fill up the blank page within just a few minutes.

Give free writing a try sometimes and see if you are not surprised by the results.

4: Dare to Take Risks!

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” ~ Scott Adams

The creative process develops and takes it full shape when it is understood that anything is possible. Best writers always explore these possibilities, even when the chance of working out is very slim.

For example, it could be a mistake to begin your article with a bullet list highlighting the key points in the article. But then again, it could also be very brilliant.

You will never know unless you are willing to take that risk.

Next time you come across an idea, please explore it. Even if you do not see any value in it, you will likely have learned something that you can bring into your final draft.

5: Your Voice

Do not be shy. Let your personality shine through your copy. It is more engaging to read and it helps people to relate to you as real human beings. So loosen up pal.

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