Top 10 Web Hosting Trends for 2016

Top 10 Web Hosting Trends for 2016 Images
Top 10 Web Hosting Trends for 2016 Images

Do you know the top 10 web hosting trends for 2016? Once a stagnant sector, the web hosting industry has been showing signs of expansion recently with wide range of web hosting offerings – from basic shared web hosting packages to more advanced VPS and dedicated servers, and recent additions of WordPress-hosting and green web hosting solutions.

Do not get left behind. Get the most out of each emerging web hosting trends.

Top 10 Web Hosting Trends for 2ing016:

1) Green Web Hosting

web hosting trends green web hosting image
web hosting trends green web hosting image

Many web hosting companies today are installing solar powered offices on their site and planting trees to offset CO2 emission by their servers.

They are offering Carbon offset, solar powered, and hydro Geothermal shared, dedicated, hybrid, and VPS servers to encourage environmentally friendly practices and have a more positive environmental impact.

2) Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

web hosting trends 2016 vps web hosting image
web hosting trends 2016 vps web hosting image

Companies are also incorporating Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting as one of web hosting packages.

A VPS hosting combines the features of both shared and dedicated server. You can install and run multiple operating systems on your VPS server, where each OS acts as a dedicated server, thus giving you many benefits of a dedicated server at a very reasonable cost.

You also have total control of the server – for e.g. you can restart virtualized OS (server) anytime an application needs server restart to work. On a VPS server, you also get a dedicated RAM available only for you.

3) Cloud Hosting

web hosting trends for 2016 cloud hosting images
web hosting trends for 2016 cloud hosting images

Another web hosting trends for 2016 is the use of cloud hosting as alternative to shared, dedicated, and even VPS hosting. Cloud hosting is based on cloud computing technologies where unlimited number of machine (servers) acts as a one system.

Unlike shared and dedicated servers where only one machine is needed, cloud hosting uses several servers. Not only this assures highest level of security for the website owners, but cloud hosting also allows for easy integration of extra sources such as RAM to enable website growth.

4) Solar Web Hosting

top 10 web hosting trends for 2015 images
top 10 web hosting trends for 2015 images

You can now power up your website via the sun. These days, you will find many web hosting companies who power up their servers using renewable energy. They maintain a large privately-owned solar power system.

Once their immediate AC/DC power needs are met, the additional power is stored inside a massive power bank. The owners actually claim that it takes up to 5 days of darkness to shut their servers down. In case of critical power failure, their backup generators take over within a minute.

Solar web hosting, in this sense, is much more reliable than usual shared and dedicated web hosting since they are less vulnerable to power outages and blackouts.

5) Carbon Neutral Hosting

web hosting trends 2016, web hosting trends 2017 images
web hosting trends 2016, web hosting trends 2017 images

There is also a web hosting trends of many web hosting companies working with world’s leaders in carbon management to offset emissions. This is because data centers, where servers are hosted, often use a lot of energy to run, and after a long time, they release a lot of CO2 in the year, which isn’t good for breathing. According to study, it has been found that data centers around the world are expecting to generate up to 533 million tones of CO2 by 2020.

As a result, web host providers are becoming “carbon neutral”. Their offset efforts will support several hydro-power projects that will help reduce greenhouse effect on our environment.

6) Wind Impelled Hosting

web hosting market trends 2016 images
web hosting market trends 2016 images

In addition to providing all basic features, many web hosting companies are also involved in green hosting initiative. In order to minimize carbon footprint, many popular web hosting providers are purchasing renewable energy certificates to power up their servers and offices.

Relying on wind energy, web hosting companies offset an energy efficiency that is comparable to planting 2,500 acres of trees.

7) WordPress Hosting

managed hosting trends for 2016 images
managed hosting trends for 2016 images

WordPress have become very popular, and because of this fact, many web hosting providers have started to specialize in WordPress hosting by offering managed WordPress hosting. This means all the technical parts of running a WordPress is looked after by the web hosting company.

This includes speed, security, daily backups, WordPress updates, website uptime, etc.

The idea behind WordPress hosting is to offer a completely hassle-free experience for the users, so that they can focus on running their business and doing what they love the most.

The best part of choosing a Managed WordPress hosting is the premium support. You get support from a WordPress expert rather than someone reading a support manual.

8) Joomla Hosting

joomla hosting web trends for 2016 images
joomla hosting web trends for 2016 images

Just like WordPress and Drupal, Joomla is a very popular CMS on the Internet. Joomla runs on very popular programming language known as PHP. In order allure more customers and make their web hosting experience awesome, many web hosting companies are offering “Joomla Web Hosting” packages.

Everything is configured and optimized to run Joomla CMS hassle-free. For example, the server that your site runs on is set up to run PHP which is the programming language in which Joomla was written in.

Similarly, PHP has to be configured in a certain way to run Joomla and its plugins without any issues. Joomla Hosting also offers a easy to use cPanel to allow even a beginner to install Joomla without any problems. With just a click of a button, one can also remove Joomla install.

Plus, web hosting providers also hand-pick Joomla plugins and components – both free and commercial – and pre-install them for you.

9) Drupal Hosting

web hosting trends 2015 images
web hosting trends 2015 images

Another popular web hosting trends of 2016 is to offer Drupal Hosting for users. In addition to providing simple to dedicated web hosting packages, companies are also introducing Drupal hosting managed by Drupal experts to keep your web hosting environment secure and operating on optimal performance.

These Drupal experts help you migrate from your current web hosting plan to Drupal Hosting effortlessly. They also provide installation, re-installation, and/or update Drupal support services so that you could focus on your business and other important things.

They also provide support for any Drupal plugins and add-ons to make your web experience as painless and hassle-free as possible.

10) Reseller Hosting

reseller web hosting web hosting trends for 2016 images
reseller web hosting web hosting trends for 2016 images

Did you know you can also make money by hosting your own client? A reseller web hosting plan is an emerging trend that allows you to make money on the side, or even start your own full-time web hosting company. You can acquire your own web hosting clients, and if you are a web designer, developer, or a blogger, you can also use reseller web hosting plan to add value to your existing and potential customers.

A reseller hosting plan offers you everything to start your own web hosting company. For example, they offer tools that will allow you to create cPanels for each of your clients. You also control the overall resources allocation to fit your client’s needs. Lastly, you are always free to upgrade as your business expands and grows.

Conclusion – Top 10 Web Hosting Trends for 2016

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  1. Excellent post, Aby. I enjoyed reading and learning about the current trends in hosting.

    Although I am aware of green initiatives, I’ve never heard about wind impelled hosting. Love the idea!

    I look forward to browsing your site to learn more.

    All the best,

    • Thanks Jude, stopping by and sharing your thoughts on my blog post.

      Just like Solar web hosting, Wind impelled is another initiative to power and cool servers, 24/7. I was too surprised to learn about this new initiative.

      Yes, please do visit my site to learn more.

      I also checked your site, which looks really well maintained and I found really useful resources there.

      I will come there and comment on your blog, too!