Top 7 Ways to Make Money at Home

Top 7 Ways to Make Money at Home
Top 7 Ways to Make Money at Home

Who does not want to make money at home? Everyone wants to quit the so-called “rat race,” or the infamous 9-5 job, and live life in his or her own terms.

There are so many ways to make money at home.

If you are just beginning your online career, it could be overwhelming at first because there are so many options available out there.

For example, you could make money at home by surfing website, playing video games, doing online shopping, filling up some surveys, watching videos, and doing other small tasks.

You get ‘paid’ by performing one of these tasks because these games, apps, and surveys include ads sponsored by companies who needs to get into the eyes of as many potential customers as possible.

I have not make money at home using these methods, though.

So, I cannot advise you to try these making money strategy. Plus, there are many ‘online scams’ that you could be victim of. In fact, many of these websites/apps do not even pay.

But, making money at home should not be that frustrating. All you have to do is simply sign up for genuine making money strategies. Here are 7 ways I have been making money at home for the past 3 years:

Top 7 Ways To Make Money at Home:

Way #7. YouTube Videos

youtubeCreating YouTube videos could be one of the best ways to make money at home. I have not done it, but I have seen guys my age doing really amazing.

Take Elliot Hulse for example, the strength coach on YouTube who talks about achieving the greater version of yourself. Likewise, Sasha PUA is another dating expert who post YouTube videos to  teach/show his students on how to pick up women.

How do they make money at home?

Well, one thing I realized is that they create videos on their YouTube channel almost every day. The create really interesting, original, and relevant video content for their subscribers or viewers.

YouTube videos are great way to make money at home because the production cost is almost “zero”. Plus, you can create as many videos as you want. The process is also easy, fast, and cost-effective. All you need is an iPhone camera, an Internet connection, and motivation to create videos.

In addition, optimizing your videos with keywords in your niche will also make it display in YouTube search engine results.

IF the content is highly relevant and useful to your targeted audience, people will come to your site.

Tip: Make a list of all important topics in your niche and create videos around it. Over time, people will see you as an industry expert, which will help build trust and strong online reputation, and ultimately drive more people to your channel.

Way #6: Fiverr

fiverrrFiverr is also a great place to make money at home. You can join Fiverr for free and takes only few minutes to create an account. Once your account is active, you create “Gigs” selling your services to your target audience (potential clients).

For example, if you are in SEO industry, you can create a gigs such as “I Will Create 50+ High PR Backlinks for any Keyword(s) for $5″. Or, “I Will Write SEO-Optimized 500-Word High Quality Articles for $5.”

For more “Gig” ideas, please look at what others are doing.

Way #5: Guru

guru01I recently joined Guru after Elance shut down their services. I had always been getting writing gigs on more than one freelance platform. So, when Elance shut down its services and teamed up with Odesk to form Upwork, I had to look for alternate ways to create multiple streams of income.

After a quick Google search, I came across Guru.

There, I found many writing gigs for writers. Creating an account and applying for jobs take only couple of hours. For example, it took me less than 1 hour to sign up, fill up my profile, and create my portfolio and list my services, before I was ready to apply for jobs.

Also, free members get 10 bids to apply to 10 jobs per month.

I got a job offer within 2 days after signing up. So, if you are looking for ways to make money at home, Guru must also be in your arsenal of income generating online tools.

Way #4: iWriter

iwriteragainAs I mentioned above, after Elance shut down its freelance platform, I sort of got lost. There was only one place I could rely to make money from online – i.e. Upwork. But, as you already know, Upwork has limited number of free coupons for its members.

They offer only 60 free coupons, which gets used up all once you apply for 30 job offers.

So, I was looking for alternative solution to make money at home.

I found iWriter through another client from Elance few years earlier who wanted me to write for her using her account. I noticed that iWriter offered many writing gigs in wide range of topics, from health, dating, and finance, to SEO, web design, and medical practices.

The sign up process is fast (within minutes) and easy. You do not need to create your writing portfolio. Simply insert your PayPal account Id for a weekly payment, and then, you are ready to write.

Note: iWriter has a limitation for new members. You will have to wait at least 40 minutes before writing another article until you have accumulated 5 reviews and have at least 3.2 ratings. Don’t worry, it is very easy to achieve that milestone, even if you are just writing for few months now.

Once that limitation is lifted, you can write as many articles as you can. If you maintain the rating of 4.1 or more and accumulated 25 reviews, you can write articles that pays you even more, sometimes $10 per 500 word article.

Way #3: Google AdSense

google-adsenseUsing Google AdSense ads on your website is definitely another way to make money at home. For this, you will have to create your own website. Then write at least 15-75 articles on your site relevant to its theme, and apply for Google AdSense program.

If you do not know how to create over 75 articles, list your favorite 5 hobbies and interests, and then, write articles around those topics.

If your website gets approved, simply get busy publishing useful and relevant content that might be interesting to your visitors. Guess what? Google AdSense displays ads that are highly relevant to the content of your website. This is good news because your visitors are more likely to click ads that are relevant and useful for them too.

Way #2: Affiliate Marketing

affiliatemarketingThis method of making money at home is what I am after right now. My plan is to build 15 Amazon nice websites and promote them each to make income through Amazon Associates program.

For each site, I will be writing reviews for at least 10 hot selling products on Amazon, and then, promote my site using SEO link building services such as RankCrew.

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Affiliate marketing is a revenue sharing partnership between the web merchant and the affiliates. The affiliate gets paid every time he/she refers a visitors on the merchant’s website and/or buys one of their products.

It is definitely the best way to make money at home because there is absolutely no start up cost involved. You only need to spend < $20 for domain name and web hosting.

There are many different types of affiliate programs you can join. By joining different affiliate programs, you create a multiple source of income for your online business. This way, if one affiliate program does not make you money, you will always have other options.

Warning: Although joining affiliate program is easy and free, it is not as easy as it may sound. There is hard work involved, especially at first. In addition, you need to be persistent, consistent, and willing to put more hours of work to make it successful.

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Way #1: Upwork

upworkUpwork, or formerly Odesk, has been my number one source of making money at home recently. It is probably the largest online platform for freelancers. Upwork has a user-friendly platform and the membership is free. The registration is super fast.

Once you have activated your account, go to your profile page to fill up your information. Then create your writing portfolio showing all your skills/talents. Also, take free tests to impress your potential employer.

As a free member, you will be given 60 free coupons. You can use those free bids to apply for jobs you are interested in. Each job uses up to 2 coupons, so you can apply for 30 jobs per month.

Premium users are allowed to apply for up to 35 jobs every month for a small monthly fee of $10. You can target more categories, keywords, and skill set to increase your chance of getting hired by your potential employers.

Warning: Before applying for jobs on Upwork, please do your homework. Consider the payment history and the profile of the employers first. Read reviews from previous contractors.

Conclusion: Top 7 Ways to Make Money at Home

If you did not know how to make money at home, the above top 7 ways to make money at home strategies should help you do just that. They are easy to use and free to join (does not cost you anything). Most importantly, they are proven to make money at home.

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