Useful Tips on External Drive Data Recovery

Many careless users knock their external drive off the desk or a table. It falls on the floor and stops working. Other times, external drive inside a bag stops working when one forgets about it and places the bag hard on the concrete floor.

Then all of a sudden, you are in need of external drive data recovery services.

I bet this has happened to all of us at least once. Being careless is the worst thing you can do with your external hard drive. This is because the external hard drives are very susceptible to internal damage and failure.

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You see, external hard drives such as USB were not meant to be stood up. When in use, they should always be set on their side. Even a minor topple can make the read/write heads to crash into the platters.

Guess what? If the platters are damaged you will not be able to recover your data!

If the drive stops working, you will notice any of these common symptoms of failure:

  • Scraping noises
  • Clicking noises
  • No power
  • Beeping noises
  • Power light blinks but the computer does not recognize it

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If you notice any of these symptoms, understand that your external drive is in serious problem.

In this case, hiring a reliable and professional company for external drive data recovery is the best thing you could do for yourself. They have all the experience, tools, and manufacturers of external drives, as well as a clean room to perform the recovery safely.

IT companies or a computer repair companies, on the other hand, are not advised because they are not qualified to repair external hard drives. They do not know how to diagnose the problem properly in the first place, let alone recover your data safely.

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In fact, they will most likely worsen the damage to the point where the files would be impossible to recover.

External drives comes in few sizes

The sizes of most external drives are 2.4 and 3.5. The drives are sealed in a plastic/metal container outside with a circuit board inside, which translates the SATA connection to a USB connector.

In fact, the external drive is similar to the drives found in your laptop or desktop computer.

Typically, there are few grommets located around the screws at the bottom of the hard drive to give it support from shock. Unfortunately, they fail badly at this!

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Is the data on my external hard drive encrypted?

Well, many external drive brands have an automatic encryption built into their PCB board with the USB connector on it.

Without this PCB board, your data will not be able to decrypt it, even if you manage to remove it from the casing.

On the other hand, professional data recovery companies have the decryption tools to decrypt and recover data, even without the PCB board.

You may want to take the drive out and put it into another enclosure to recover your data. However, it will not work. So, avoid doing that.

In fact, you are not supposed to turn on your external drive without consulting a professional company. They are certified to inspect and fix the internal parts of your drive in a clean and certified room.

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There are different kinds of moving parts inside the drive that can easily become bent or misaligned. If that happens, the heads will travel over the platters and scratch, and make them useless. Scratched platters simply cannot be fixed!

CONCLUSION: There are professional companies on the net that specialize in external hard drive and RAID recovery services in their onsite lab that is furnished with a clean and state-of-the-art workbench. In addition to external data recovery, we also specialize in recovering USB Flash drive and Solid State drive.

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