Ways to Make Extra Money

ways to make money online
ways to make money online

So you want helpful tips on writing articles to make money online? Yes, making money online through writing is probably one of the TRENDIEST topics on the Internet today. Yes, it’s true that writing articles is an easy way to make money online.

There are LOTS of people who feel overwhelmed with the idea of putting you pen on paper, but let me tell you a secret.

The secret is that there are easy methods you can follow to write high quality articles. In fact, it’s so easy that you’ll crank them out in no time.

So what do we mean by good articles? If writing articles to make money is your goal, then you need to understand what they are.

Well, with good article you can:

  1. Generate more FREE traffic to your site (where you are usually selling your services and products)
  2. Or send massive amount of free traffic to your website where you are promoting products as an affiliate
  3. compile a list of high quality articles and create your own FREE e-books and maybe sell them on their

So now you know what you can do with good articles, let’s look at different ways on writing articles.

Earning money with your articles …

Okay, let’s suppose you have your first 5 articles on “Ways to Play Guitar,” ready. Your resource box includes several different things – your name, autoresponder link (so people can sign up for your free course on “playing guitar”), and lastly, your affiliate link.

The next important step to do is to start submitting your articles. Do not skip this important step if you are writing articles to make money! I just cannot explain how so many articles just sat on my laptop for several months just because I was “too busy” to submit them!

Just visit these two sites and they have plenty of places to submit your articles.

– http://www.freelancemom.com/submitarticles.htm

– http://www.eluanchsite.com/ECLarticlesubmissionsites.htm

In your autoresponder series, do let your subscribers an opportunity to buy other products.

When people like your articles and start promoting them, your name will start popping up in numerous search engine results!

Those 5 small articles will give you plenty of FREE advertising as well as residual income too.

But do NOT stop there …

Find another info product from another niche, write and submit some helpful and useful articles, and watch how you income grow.

Articles and Adsense …

If you want to earn money online writing, then you need to include your adsense code on each page on your website. No wonder, many Interent Marketers are changing their old strategies of writing content and now focusing their effort on highly targeted information on their site.

They know that no search engine in their right mind would delete or ban a valuable content site. So if you have an Adsense account, make sure you put them on every page of your content site.

Here’s what most people do when they write content on their site. They stick with topics like, “How to make money through your photography passion.” What’s wrong with these type of content you may ask.

Well, the advertisers on the Adsense usually display their photograhy equipment and tools ads, not anything about money making opportunities.

That is why you need to make the content of your site fit into those ads for BEST results.

Now, write around 10, 15, or even 50 articles, and even

more to promote the content of your site.

After that, advertise your website in the resource box. You can write something like, “For more information on the best guitar, visit xyz.com.”

If you’ve followed this format, it will not take you long to earn money from Google Adsense rather quickly. Over time, you’ll also be building PLENTY of quality content for your site. Your hundreds or even more articles on the Internet will then start to work for you around the clock!

That means only one thing …

Your site will do better in the search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and Bing all because you have all those incoming links for your site.

Your own websites will turn into money making machines and start to generate cash on demand pretty much your whole life on the Internet.

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