Website Content Writing

Writing for the web is very different from any other forms of writing. You have only 3 seconds to make that initial impression. If you take more time, your visitors will walk away, never to come back again.

Web readers are extremely impatient. They will scan your pages rather than read every word on it. So, make sure that benefits are loud and clear and stay away from talking about you and your company.

Take advantage of Abishek Rana’s website content writing services.

What you will get? Well, words that really counts.

Of course, a good-design is very important, but it will not persuade, influence, and convince people to buy. It is words do that.

You will get easy to read, small sized chunks of copy, in short words, and short sentences. The copy will be in appropriate style and tone of your customer. Each copy will be benefit-led.

Of course, Abishek will work closely with your web developers and designers regarding the site structure, navigation, and design issues.

Tip: First, figure out the web content, and ask the designer to create a layout. Already have a web design in place? Just contact me anyway!