What are Long Tail Keyword Phrases

Don’t understand what long tail keyword phrases are and how they can benefit your website? Don’t worry, I’ll explain what are long tail keyword phrases and why you should use them in your SEO strategy.

Let me ask you a question – what do you think a regular customer do to find you? Well, they search for your company name on the Internet, find your site on it, and then, know more about you. But what those people who don’t know your business name? How will they find you on the internet?

You’re right – they’ll type a keyword phrase in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and find your site, or other competing site on the search engine result pages (SERPs). Google and other search engines main objective is to display highly relevant sites to their users so that they keep using their services. Not only it’s important that you create a highly relevant content on your site, but also make it informative and useful to your visitors.

Including keywords in your articles, blogs, ad copies will make it seem more relevant to search engines, and hence, they’ll increase website ranking for them. But there are still other 99 ranking factors you need to consider in order to reach the coveted number 1 page on Google search engine. That’s the place you want to be because that’s where you’re going to bring a flood of traffic to your site and generate high ROI.

What are long tail keyword phrases

You see, there are two types of keywords – short tail and long tail keywords. Short tail keywords are very popular search terms, having tens of thousands of searches per month. If you can rank for any of these short tail keywords on the 1st page of Google, you’ll make plenty of profits if you’re promoting products and services through your site. That’s what most Internet Marketers make money from, and so should you.

But ranking or short term keywords are very difficult because of the competition. A lot of companies pay thousands of dollars just to be in the 1st page of Google for certain popular keyword phrases and the top 10 position may already have occupied by other savvy Internet Marketers.

I would not discourage that you won’t be able to rank on the 1st page of Google, but nonetheless, it will take you several months to do it – 3-6 months to be exact. Instead, most smart business owners are targeting long tail keywords to rank quick and easy on the 1st page of Google.

Long tail keywords phrases are:

  1. Usually 4-7 worlds long
  2. Long tail keywords are highly specific
  3. Long tail keywords have less competition
  4. Long tail keywords do have decent amount of searches per month to make you profits through your site
  5. Long tail keywords are more likely increase online conversion that short term keywords because they’re very specific. When visitors get specific, they mean business – i.e. they’re eager to buy.
  6. Long tail keywords are easy to rank for.
  7. Long tail keywords are also called “low hanging fruits” that you can easily and quickly reach and reap the rewards
  8. Long tail keywords are extremely helpful while targeting niche sites – you can create a niche website under a broad market and focus your energy on those market instead of competing against all the bigger fish in the ocean.

So now that you know what long tail keyword phrases are, here are few examples I want to share with you so that you become clear as to how they look like.

Long tail keywords examples

It’s imperative that you understand the examples of long tail keywords so that you’ll know how to use them effectively to optimize your site, page(s), and post(s). Long tail keywords usually include a short tail keyword with additional helpful keyword phrases that make it very specific.

Here are few long tail keywords examples:

For example, my seed word or short tail keyword for these series of article was “long tail keywords,” which is 3 words. Long tail keyword examples for this seed word would be, which I found using the free keyword research tools listed below.

  • how to find long tail keywords for niche marketing (9 words)
  • how to find long tail keywords with market samurai (9 words)
  • how to find long tail keywords using google keyword tool (10 words)
  • how to find long tail keyword phrases (10 words)
  • how to use keyword planner tool to find long tail keyword (10 words)

You see, I found all these keywords ideas using the free tools listen below. As you see, they’re very specific and long, but they’re still searched by many searches on the Internet. So it is still beneficial to target in your SEO strategy to get a quick and easy ranking.

Last week, I ranked one of my articles on the 1st page of Google with the keyword “top 5 best free keyword research tool.” But ranking for the keyword “free keyword research tool” is still difficult as there is plenty of competition.

Now that you know what are long tail keywords and saw few examples of it, let me show you how to find long tail keyword phrases in order to use them to optimize your site as well as topics, articles, blogs and ad copies around it and rank quickly.

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