What Should You Be Blogging About?

What you should be blogging about
What you should be blogging about

Now that you have built a blog, you will have to post to your blog on a regular basis. Why? Well, search engines give priority to sites that publish fresh and updated content and blog is the way to provide the search engines just that: fresh content.

Most importantly, your visitors to your blog want to see updated content on a regular basis. Why? Well, new fresh content will keep you visitors coming back to your site. Gone are those days when a blog was simply a personal journal. These days, website visitors, or traffic, want to be entertained, informed, and engaged. They do not want to know what you ate in your lunch yesterday.

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what you should be blogging aboutTherefore, if you were blogging for your online business, the best content for your blog would be posts about your business. Not only can you post information about your existing products, latest releases, how to use it guides, but you can also post something about your company, because it lets people know about your company, its background, staff members, roadblocks to successes and how you overcame it. Or, writ few posts about yourself. You see, a blog is a wonderful way to let your customers get to know you, both professionally and personally.

On the other hand, a blog can be used to simply inform visitors about a certain topic. If you intend to do that, most of your posts would be, obviously, about that topic. However, keep it brief, engaging, and interesting. Also, you could post news stories and opinions about your topic. For example, let’s say your blog is about “weight loss”, you can post content about weight loss news, and not just about weight loss, because your visitors may be well interested in news about some weight loss training courses, or your opinion.

Bottom line: Try to add variety to your posts to make it interesting.

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what to blog aboutIf you can find HOT news stories to post on your blog, go for it. There is always something happening somewhere – from the local level to the global level – and you can choose which level you want to cover the story. For example, you can post local news, or national news, or any other regional news on religion, politics, or the economy.

For news blog, you can keep everything objective, or just post the stories, or give your opinions. Just understand that hot topics could be quite controversial and you may receive a heated discussions on your blog. Do not be scared. That could be a good thing or a bad thing, but it’s up to you to decide if you really want that on your blog.

No one wants to hear what you ate today morning. Blogs are not personal journals anymore, where you detail a person’s day. In fact, blogs are mostly used for entertainment and informing visitors. Once you have set up your blog, you need to decide the purpose of your blog.

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The purpose of your blog will eventually figure what type of content you should be posting. And then, simply keep on posting regularly, and that is when you will start to see a RISE in traffic, or your visitors coming back to your blog for more.

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