Why Conversion is King

Okay, no matter what happens with your affiliate marketing career, there’s one thing you need to be clear about. That one thing is that some offers are always going to convert better than the others. In other words, each product has different rate of conversion.

As the best affiliate marketer, you task would be to always look for offers that converts better than all the rest.

The next thing to remember: conversion also varies widely.

For example, if you’re sending traffic to two different pages using the same keywords, then one page might have a conversion rate of 100:1 while the other might have 1 conversion in 20 visits.

That’s a whopping 5 times difference in profit!

Conversion – What is it King Over?

So now we know that conversion is the most important factor, now let’s dig deeper as to understand what it is king over? In other words, over anything else. what is conversion more important than?

Okay, I’ll give you three reasons that will clarity as to why conversion is king

Are you ready? Well, here it is.

1. Conversion is King Over … Competition!

The number one is conversion is king over competition. That’s right, and you heard it right!

Now you may find it a slightly controversial statement right there, but let me tell you something. As an best affiliate marketer, you need to remember that it’s more important to consider how highly a product converts than actually look at how much competition there is really.

Here’s what I do.

Whenever I want to enter a new niche, I don’t get discouraged after finding that the keyword I’m targeting after – product or general keywords – has a lot of competition as I’ll know that with enough proper work, I’ll be able to beat any competition down the line. In other words, I stick there even though it might not make me money after couple of months simply I know that it’s going to convert highly and start to make me a stack of money I was looking for in the first place. J

That’s why the conversion is more important than the competition! I would rather go for high converting keywords than going after low competition.

2. Conversion is king over … Search Volume!

The next important thing is that conversion is always more important than the search volume, always!

The basic reason is that if you’re promoting a high converting offer, it doesn’t really matter if you get a low volume searches per month of search engines. Although you might get low traffic from those product offers, as long as those searches convert people into buyers, it doesn’t matter if the search volume is low or high.

That’s why my friend, conversion trumps over search volume!

3. Conversion is king over …. Type of Niche!

Finally, conversion is king over the type of niche you’re involved with.

Most people don’t go after niche that they don’t like or want to enter. For example they sigh away from health niche or computer niche or electronics. But as an best affiliate marketer, I would rather stick to these niche as I know a little more about it than them.

Health niche is a high converting niche in the internet. So as an best affiliate marketer, you should not sigh away from high converting market, and at best, build a site around it, and do your homework thinking about the long-term. In other words, you have to be always ready for it – for a high converting offer – and build a site around it.

What is Conversion by the way?

I’ll explain you a little about what conversion is so that you understand what it means. While I am talking about conversion, I am not talking about the numeric conversion rate. In fact, I cannot even tell you how the offer is going to convert, whether 1 in 20 or 5 in 10, because it’s very rare to predict them before actually sending the traffic to the offer page.

Instead, it’s more about looking at the offer, or most specifically its affiliate program, and figuring out if it’s worth promoting or not. So at this stage, it’s really difficult to predict the number of conversion.

Conversion rate basically knowing the offer’s potential conversion!

You basically know the offer’s conversion rate by simply looking at the sales page and the offer itself you’re promoting.

Let’s say you have your set of keywords and found the offer. After that, you look at the page that’s promoting the actual offer. Then you look at different sections of the sales page to figure out how likely the product is going to convert a regular visitor into a buyer.

Well, that’s takes a lot of skills, don’t you think?

It does as there’s lot of skills involved, my friend. It takes a lot of skills to analyze different parts of the sales page to be able to know how well the offer is going to convert and that’s the skill we are going to learn in subsequent articles. J

Speed of Profit

Conversion is important as it speeds up the process of making profits. And the speed of profit depends upon two things – how fast you can direct the traffic to your site and how well those offers convert. In the former method, you might bring more traffic by paying for Adword campaigns, but it will cost you money. However, we’ll discuss how to bring tons of traffic to our website using the free/organic traffic.

Here’s another way of looking at conversion.

Let’s say you are targeting to get into the first page of Google for certain product name keywords to bring as much traffic as possible. Well, if you’re product has high conversion rate, then you don’t even need to bother rank among the top ten sites in Google search engines to make money. You can also make money if you’re on the second page of the Google page, or even on the third page.

It’s because the search volume are relatively huge that people often filter or navigate to second, third, or even fourth pages on Google. And even with that small amount of people, your offer will convert well.

Here’s what you need to learn

There are actually two vital skills that you’ll need to nail it down before becoming one of the best affiliate marketers around the net. First is, you’ll need to be expert at spotting the offers that seem profitable. Second, you’ll also have a solid knowledge on analyzing the landing pages of each offer.

You’ll basically look at the landing pages of the offer and would come to a conclusion that sending traffic here would definitely end up in sale or they’re going to convert. Anything other than that, you suspect, then it won’t be worth promoting the product at all.

Conclusion: Why Conversion is King?

In this article, we learnt that conversion is king over many things, including search volume, competition, and type of niche. So where there is competition, there is market, and as a result, more money. Don’t sigh away from an offer that convert well, but has high competition.

The next skill you need to learn is to learn how to spot high converting offers. That’s what we are going to cover and learn in subsequent chapters.

So if you can nail down these two special skills, then I can guarantee that you’ll become one of the best affiliate marketers on the internet. We’ll explain in detail, nice, and easy on subsequent articles on niche research topics, so stay tuned! J

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