Why I Started Blogging

It’s been three years I have been blogging. I really love it. I enjoy writing and getting my ideas out there. I also love it when people comment back because I know they are reading it.

I started blogging during a tough point in my life. I was fired from a 9-5 job that I did not like. I had worked there for 5 years. Though it was a bit hard for me, I knew that I was not satisfied with my job and wanted a much needed break from it.

So, after couple of weeks, I decided to start my own blog just to have a place where I could share my feelings, ideas, and thoughts with others. But I never thought it would gain a lot of readers and even make me money.i love blogging

Usually, I would just blog once a week to start.

But, soon, I realized, the more I wrote the people started to read it and comment on it. I received a lot of sympathy and support from people who were going through the same situation as me. This response encouraged me to continue on, blogging.

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Before, I was often writing guest posts for others and making money from sponsors. It was an awesome experience.

Right now, I am often writing for small businesses. But I hope one day I can quit my job and blog for myself. I hope that I keep blogging, grow up, and earn a full-time income. It would be like achieving my only dream.

A lot of people asks me why did I started blogging and what exactly about it I like. I often tell them that I started blogging as a healing process but today I enjoy blogging because it helps me connect with other like-minded people. It also helps me realize that they are not alone.

keep calm and start a blogFrom blogging, I have been able to meet so many people who went through what I went through. One of my friends had been with this SEO Company for over six years. I could not even imagine that. She thought she was going to get a promotion.

Today, I personally believe that writing things out is the best way to heal yourself when you are going through something like getting fired from a job or a breakup. You can get your feeling out on the paper/screen and that makes you feel much better. At least it works for me that way.

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These days, I spend a lot of time on blogging. Every week, I write about 5-6 blog posts and sometimes I even write 7 days a week. But I want to keep at it because I think I am really helping a lot of people. And if I just stopped blogging people would notice that.

Sometimes, it is a coffee shop where I like to write from. Other times I am just sipping a cup of tea and writing at home. But I allow myself to go wherever I feel like when it comes to writing – cafes, library, cyber, friend’s house, anywhere.

In addition to writing blogs, I also write journal every day. I call it “the morning pages” where I just write about whatever is on top of my head until I complete three pages. It is a long-hand writing, not writing on my laptop. It is much slower than writing on my laptop, but it is more relaxing and rewarding too.

Regular morning page writing has been able to heal myself, but had I not started online blogging, I would never receive the love and support from others. That is why I am so thankful that I started blogging and hope you begin too.

Over to you: Are you thinking about blogging too? Do you wish to quit your 9-5 job that you hate and start your own blogging career and make money online? What is your story? Share in the comment below.

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