Why Write a Blog?

Blogging has become one of the most widely used online communication media and you can find over tens of thousands of blogs online.

A lot of these blogs are business blogs written by owners who wants their readers to know who they are and what they offer (products/services and how to use it).

Others provide information about specific topics, while still others are blogs written by fun-loving and passionate people who like to share their ideas and thoughts on something they enjoy – i.e. internet marketing, how to make money online, or search engine optimization techniques.

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So, Do You Want to Write a Blog?

Have you ever thought about writing a blog?

Do you own an online business that you want to promote?

If you do, you can write blog posts about specific topics in your niche/industry. For example, if you are in “fitness” industry, you could write blog posts about exercises, healthy eating, and nutrition tips twice a week.

Include photos where you show your readers how to perform something step-by-step. Readers looking for “how to” information love blog posts that illustrate them exactly how to accomplish a task.

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Want to write books and short stories?

Do you wish to write books and short stories?

There are a lot of frustrated authors who are very skillful in their crafts but find it difficult to find a publisher to publish their work.

Maybe, you could share your stories on your blog – i.e. stories about how you write, what have you done in the past as a writer, how to find an agent, and stories of other writers you have met.

You could include sample of your work online and invite readers to comment on it.

Want to Write about Daily Routine?

Or, maybe you just want to write about your daily life/routine.

While a lot of people really do not care about where you had lunch or what time you got home, many others would be interested to hear stories about best places to visit in your country, best foods to try, and shopping malls that offer great products, among others.

Include a lot of local flavor into your blog posts.

Do not forget to post photos that you took yourself.

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* Remember: Blogging is about having two-way conversations.

It is not only about one person.

So, make sure you invite your readers to comment at the end of each post. Moreover, when someone takes time to comment, please respond them back promptly. This is vital to gain a huge fan following.

Okay, now that you have a blog up.

How Will You Promote Your Blog?

In other words, how will others find you online?

  1. One way is to join a Facebook group or forums that revolve around the same topics as your blog.Join the groups/discussions and leave a lot of helpful comments. After you have been active on these places for a while, let people know about your blog too, but just do not overly promote it.
  2. Another way is to find other blogs that are relevant to your blog and leave a comment on their posts. Again, make sure to leave helpful comments. Many of these blogs will allow you to leave a link back to your blog as part of your ‘signature.’

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Conclusion: Why Write a Blog?

Blogging can be both fun and a good way to promote a business or make new contacts. So, if you have not started blogging, why not start from today?


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